Geoengineering – We’ve Lost 20 Percent of The Sun’s Rays In The Last Few Decades Alone

We are all seeing less of the Sun. If you were born before the 90s, you may remember a deep blue sky above the Earth, however those pristine clear skies are now only a memory. The amount of solar energy reaching the Earth’s surface has been gradually falling partly due to artificial climate modification and geoengineering initiatives–a misguided attempt to cool the planet by reflecting the sun. We have now lost 20 percent of the sun’s rays due to the consequences–global dimming, which is affecting our health and future.

Nestle doesn’t get near enough credit for being almost as evil as Monsanto.

But if you’d like to see the kind of anti-humanitarian monsters who run the Nestle corporation, check out this shocking video featuring a Nestle CEO in a Nazi-style rant about the need for “water control” so that the people of the world have to pay corporations for their water: