“Impeach Obama” Group Growing Exponentially

“We are going to have to kill a lot of WHITES” – DHS employee preparing for a race war; also buys guns for ICE

DHS Employee Calls For Mass Murder of Whites, Says Black Men Are Being Homosexualized By Whites To Make Them Weaker

DHS Employee Runs Site Calling for White Genocide

Without teleprompter Obama screws up again…

It has been widely reported in Egyptian media that one of the leaders in the attack against the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012 was Mohsen Al-Azazi.

According to Ahmed Moussa, a former high ranking intelligence official with the Egyptian government and several other sources, Al-Azazi’s passport was found in the house of Khairat Al-Shater, the Number Two man in the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy, now under house arrest in Egypt by the Egyptian military. Al-Azazi has been implicated as the actual assassin of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

But this is only the beginning of a blockbuster story.

According to Khairat Al-Shater’s son, Saad Al-Shater, his father is in possession of information linking Obama with criminal activities tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

As reported by at least six Arabic news sources:

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