So today I want you to look at the first vowel in your first name. This will be the first name on your birth certificate.

Each vowel vibrates at a different vibration. The first vowel helps to reveal the core of who you are. Others might not always see these qualities but you secretly can identify with them. Here we go!


The “A” vibrates with the energy of the number 1. When you have the A as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world in a rather impulsive yet creative way. You see yourself as hardworking and driven. You have a need to be acknowledged and you thrive with positive feedback. You will often work harder and be more accountable to someone outside of yourself. You want to make a difference while you’re here! You have a drive to be independent, original, and number one at all you do. This can lead to an overly excessive need for perfection. You’re a seeker of truth and wisdom and yet there is a negative tape that plays over and over again inside of you…beating yourself up – particularly when you have a mistake or that you feel you have failed in some area of your life. While you might ask for feedback, you can be overly sensitive to criticism.
So much of this rings true for me! Is “A” the first vowel in your name? What are your thoughts? ( I sure can relate to this!!! LOL!)


The first vowel in your name can give you and those around you a better idea of how you respond to events or experiences in your life. It gives you a view of the inner you. It’s not necessarily something others actually see but it is something you will likely feel.

If the first vowel in your name is an “E” you tend to respond to your world with enthusiasm, energy and excitement! You goal is to always maintain your sense of freedom. You might react quickly but don’t under estimate your instinctive and intuitive ability. You are curious and thrive on change. Routine bores you to death. You are very likable and have an interest in trying pretty much anything! You have a sensuous appetite for life. You love good food and may suffer addictions that could involve anything from food, drugs, alcohol….anything! You can easily become emotionally drained by other people. Does this ring true for some of you?


The “ I”  vibrates to the energy of the number 9. When you have the  “I “ as the first vowel in  your first name you have a tendency  to respond to the world like an old soul who carries a lot of soulful wisdom with them. You are the humanitarian. You care so much about the other guy. You have worldly, global interests. You are very charitable and would share the shirt off your back. You have a hard time watching the “Save the Children” programs on tv. You want to save the world!  You approach things with responsibility and compassion.  You can display the patience of a saint. You have a great memory and like an elephant….if you are crossed you never forget. You have lessons around letting go and forgiveness.   You often experience challenges with your family. You may feel a huge sense of responsibility for them. You often feel guilty when no guilt is necessary. You need to be outdoors in nature. If “I” is your first vowel in your first name….can you feel the truth in the above description?


The “O”  vibrates to the energy of the number 6. When you have the “O” as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with contradiction. You are here to make a point!  You can appear humble and yet at the same time you can be strong-willed. You can also be independent yet helpless.  The 6 energy can make you wise yet self-righteous at the same time.  You are protective of your  friends and family with a huge need to be of  service to others.  You have challenges around your overwhelming sense of responsibility to friends and especially family. You can become annoyed when others make demands of you and yet they don’t listen to your advice.  You benefit when you take the time to step back and find creative solutions to problems rather than immediately reacting. Your highest and best use is when you’re leading others in a position of authority rather than following. You have lessons to learn about establishing balance in your life. Before you jump in to rescue someone you need to step back and ask yourself “Is this really MY responsibility?” “Who am I really trying to rescue here?” You also need to become aware of the way in which you teach others how to treat you. How does this ring true for those of you with “O” as your first vowel?


The “U” vibrates at  the energy of the number 3. When you have the “U” as your first vowel your tendency is to respond to the world with a sense of humor. You are a great communicator! Write! Speak! Sing! Find your voice! You often seek  spiritual enlightenment and respond to life with energy and spontaneity. You are extremely creative and need to find ways to express yourself.  You are often a lively storyteller and can embellish a story to make it more interesting.  You are meant to be on stage!  You’re led by your emotions – yet you often don’t know how to manage your emotions immediately and can experience “explosions” or “implosions” of emotional energy.  You have so many creative ideas “downloading” all the time that you often lose your focus. Those of you who have “U” as your first vowel….can you relate to this?


There are times when a traditional vowel does not appear in your first name. For example “Lynn” or “Wyman”. In this case the “Y”  is the vowel observed by a Numerologist and it is the letter that vibrates to the vibration of the number 7. When you have the “y” as the first vowel in your name you have a very fine and analytical mind. You often over think things which may cause you to doubt your decisions. You are generally more of a spiritual person rather than a religious one. You are very intuitive and should work hard to trust your intuition. You are very sensitive, especially to criticism. You wound deeply because you have difficulty expressing your emotions. You require a great deal of time alone but can risk taking this alone time to an extreme. It’s easy for you to retreat by yourself. You trust most people but often have difficulty trusting yourself.