George W. Bush Denied Tribunal Extension

imageCounselors of the law firm Williams & Conolly arrived at Guantanamo Bay Friday, five days ahead of Bush’s tribunal date, arguing that the military had given them inadequate time to prepare a defense. Senior Counsel David D. Aufhauser asserted Bush’s innocence but demanded an additional 90 days to prepare a rebuttal to, what he called, the military’s specious allegations. Moreover, they said JAG’s seizure of documents and electronic devices from Bush’s Crawford ranch violated his 4th Amendment rights, and, therefore, ought to be inadmissible in courts of law.

Aufhauser then asked to speak with Rear Adm. Crandall, saying he felt personally slighted because JAG had sent “only a lieutenant” to evaluate his request.

Lt. Cusumano excused herself from the conference room, telling Aufhauser she’d make a phone call, only to return a minute later with Rear Adm. Crandall’s response.

Request denied.

“This is outrageous,” Aufhauser barked, “we’ll see him in court.”

Bush’s tribunal will commence at GITMO on Wednesday morning.

Has there been a turn of events in the End Times war between good and evil? First the Pfizer CEO was arrested for lies about his mRNA vaccine. And now Klaus Schwab has been arrested for his scheme to snatch private ownership from the distressed public forced into endless lockdowns. Debt Relief schemes, and the Great Reset fraud, are not what they seemed. The public must agree to forfeit all assets for the supposed Debt Relief, and the Great Reset was just a plan to give the elite greater control over the everyday lives of the common man.

Schwab’s crimes paralleled the crimes of the Pfizer CEO, in that he was facilitating lockdowns in those countries he influenced in order to force takeovers of private assets. To say this is grand theft is an under-statement. Schwab used bribery all his life to counter any arrests or resistance to his schemes, so why has bribery not worked this time? The Alliance of White Hats in Europe, in conjunction with the Junta in the US, are proceeding not based on personal greed or threats but on doing what is right and just. The spiritual Transformation of the globe is proceeding!

Pray for New Zealand and Australia:


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