George W. Bush Military Tribunal: Day 3, Part I

George W. Bush Military Tribunal: Day 3, Part II

“He only said something might happen, and that if it did, I was never to speak of it or the warning he gave me. He said it in a non-threatening but intimidating way, and you’d have to really know him to grasp what I mean,” Evans said.

“Did you take his advice? Did you warn them?” Rear Adm. Crandall asked.

“I did not, because I didn’t want to believe he could be serious. If I had, they’d still be alive today,” Evans said.

REPORTS: FDA Accused of Colluding with the USPS to Stop & Destroy Packages of Ivermectin Mailed to Patients

The censorship campaign on ivermectin took a disturbing turn with the latest developments.


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