RINO Georgia Governor Down Big To Challenger–Thanks To Trump Endorsement!

The headline of the polling memo—“Perdue Primed to Defeat Kemp”—says it all. “We found that incumbent Governor Brian Kemp has overstayed his welcome with the Republican electorate and a plurality back another candidate, chiefly David Perdue,” the polling memo states. “Furthermore, President Trump’s endorsement of Sen. Perdue serves to further solidify his advantage over Brian Kemp.”

Japanese scientists develop vaccine to eliminate cells behind aging

„A Japanese research team said it developed a vaccine to remove so-called zombie cells that accumulate with age and damage nearby cells, causing aging-related diseases including arterial stiffening.

The team, including Juntendo University professor Toru Minamino, confirmed that mice administered with the vaccine showed decreases in the zombie cells, medically known as senescent cells.

“We can expect that (the vaccine) will be applied to the treatment of arterial stiffening, diabetes and other aging-related diseases,” Minamino said.

Senescent cells refer to those that have stopped dividing but do not die. They damage nearby healthy cells by releasing chemicals that cause inflammation.

The team identified a protein found in senescent cells in humans and mice and created a peptide vaccine based on an amino acid that constitutes the protein.“


NFL player Donald Parham’s heart explodes mid-air while catching sports ball. NFL player Donald Parham had recently taken his booster shot for Covid-19.


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