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Suddenly, on Christmas Eve, the airlines canceled flights. The claim was lack of staff who were out sick with the Omicron variant, but this mild flu should have already been factored into scheduling. How long has it been in the news? Delta, Southwest, American, United, China Eastern, and Air India canceled hundreds of flights each, with over 1,000 flights affecting the US alone canceled.

Airline carriers globally scrapped at least 2,401 flights on Christmas Eve. Nearly 10,000 more flights were delayed. Commercial air traffic within the United States and into or out of the country accounted for more than a quarter of all the canceled flights over the weekend. Among the first U.S. carriers to report a wave of holiday weekend cancellations were United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, which scrubbed nearly 280 flights combined, citing personnel shortages amid the surge of COVID-19 infections.

Prior to Covid-19 – which proved to be a bad flu at most and only afflicting the elderly as the young were scarcely aware they had it – the flu season did not result in travel restrictions or lockdowns. The populace got the annual flu vaccine and bought over-the-counter flu remedies. Covid-19 has been different because it is being used as a control mechanism, to restrict travel and force the populace to stay at home.


Former Pfizer VP: COVID “Vaccines” Were “Always Going To Harm People”

Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former vice president of big pharma company Pfizer, who is being hailed as a “conspiracy theorist” by the mainstream shared his latest take on the damning evidence about the mRNA COVID-19 “vaccines.” Dr. Yeadon says these shots are “toxic by design.”

Yeadon, like some of the rest of us, has yet to see sufficient evidence that this SARS-CoV-2 virus even exists.  If by some off chance it is something more than just a nasty seasonal flu, it still is not even close to being as deadly as the mainstream media and governments continue to claim it is. “It turns out that it’s not a particularly lethal virus, if it exists,” Yeadon stated during the symposium. “Or it’s about the same as a bad seasonal influenza.”

We all knew this. The only way anyone would even think there’s something out of the ordinary going on is because that’s what their television and smartphone told them.



Insurance CEO Drops Bombshell, Vax Even Worse Than Imagined

Considering COVID-19 deaths have dropped significantly since 2020, what could be causing it? Death rates are up 40% over what they were prepandemic. To give you an idea of how bad this is, a 1-in-200 years catastrophe would be a 10% increase.

Covid concentration camps now activated in America, roundups to begin soon

Mike Adams

Democrats in Washington State are now pushing a bill, WAC 246-100, which would authorize "health officers" (Democrat vaccine Gestapo) to kidnap anyone at gunpoint and throw them into covid concentration camps which have already been activated. The people targeted under this tyrannical rule need not show any signs of sickness or infection to be ripped from their homes and families.

You may recall that White House spokesperson Psaki openly spoke about "strike force" operations in July of 2021. We covered it in an article entitled, "White House officially announces vaccine "strike forces" that will go door-to-door, targeting anti-vaxxers in their homes, forcing Americans to take kill shots."

Just four months ago, Washington State’s government confirmed they were taking covid concentration camps active by issuing public job listings for "strike team" coordinators. Natural News covered this story on September 20, 2021, with a headline: Confirmed: Gov. Inslee setting up covid concentration camps in Washington state, issuing job listings for "strike team" coordinators.

We warned you: Democrat-led “strike forces” preparing to incarcerate unvaccinated Americans as young as 5 years old

The Ultimate SHTF Plan From An Army Vet

When it comes to survival, we’re dealing with two enemies at once: whatever nature has thrown at us and all the unprepared people out there.

DARPA Patents Prove Vax Transhuman Bio-Hacking Methods: Swabs = Flash Drives, Mask Worms = Power Source, "Vax" = BIOS re-Flash, 5G = OTA (Over the Air Realtime Firmware Re-Writer) Plazma Video