If they get away with it there…. you may want to make plans for it happening here.

Trudeau’s Justice Minister Says Being “Pro-Trump” is a Factor That will Decide if Your Bank Account is Frozen Under Emergency Orders (VIDEO)

I don’t know if this is valid intel or not but there have been a few people telling Canadians to pull their money out of the banks. Link to Telegram video.

Jordan Peterson Is Saying:

That he was advised by a military source to withdraw his money from Canadian banks if "he has any sense and that the situation is far worse than he was informed of"


Why are they shooting fireworks and dancing if this is invasion???? Ukraine is a giant Money laundering machine for the deep state and must be protected by them.


She begins by showing us Dan Scavino’s post on Truth Social about "Freedom!" And then launches into some incredible fireworks from Ukraine–so what’s going on? We told you. It’s a military operation to free Humanity. What’s happening is not what it looks like is happening.

Trudeau makes protests for whites illegal while exempting refugees, immigrants, ethnic minorities


Researcher sounds alarm after finding parasites, nanobots and graphene in covid-19 vaccines


What is remarkable about vitamin C is that it’s an antioxidant, an anti-viral, and also anti-inflammatory. It’s an impressive three-in-one defender. Not one adverse event has been reported in any published vitamin C clinical trials in COVID-19 patients.
The review also shows that high doses of oral vitamin C taken upon infection may keep people out of the hospital because it increases their rate of recovery.

WATCH: Bill Gates Admits Natural Infection “Sadly” Working Better Than Vaccines!

We didn’t need Gates to tell us this fact, but, interestingly, he concedes natural immunity is superior.

Watch and notice him use the word “sadly”