Philippians 2:3
Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.”

It’s a challenge, even for the Christian, to get along with lazy, selfish people. This is because they also tend to be quarrelsome, especially when their desires are not met. Now scientists have discovered that the phrase “industrious as an ant” does not apply to all ants. They report that they have found an entire ant society that is lazy, selfish and quarrelsome.

imageSometimes a society is pleasant to live in and sometimes it’s not. Not all ant societies are harmonious examples of cooperation. One ant society, popularly called the slave-makers, must be a miserable place to live. Slave-making ants make their living by plundering the nests of other species and making slaves of their captives. Slave ants are forced to feed, house, and even defend their masters.

This leaves the slave-making ants with a great deal of idle time. Most of that idle time is spent in endless squabbles with each other over social status. The higher a slave-maker’s status, the more service from a slave she receives. It would seem that just as idle human hands can lead to strife between people, idle ants tend to fight with each other too.

This universal linking of selfishness, laziness and fighting tells us that there are indeed universal moral truths. It shows us that those who say there is no absolute morality are wrong. Perhaps God has allowed this ant society to corrupt itself so we could have a scientific basis to reject today’s moral relativism.


Since COVID Jab Rollout, Embalmers Find Worm-Like Clots

To embalm a body, the vessels and veins must first be drained of blood. Since the COVID jabs, however, embalmers are having to remove something else that they’ve not seen before – strange, white rubbery clots, some as long as a human leg. See this embalmer’s stunning photos here.


This is an interesting Tweet to consider.

Russian special forces launch attack on mafia bases

I am told that the white hats just gave President Putin the green light to go to Ukraine and bust the mob that is hiding there, courtesy of the Obama and Biden deals.

— Q. XRP. nesara=gesara (@Gilbert15261872) February 21, 2022


Biden Admin Working To Block Future Pipelines, Energy Projects

As a result of the left now having control of the FERC, the Biden administration just altered the official federal policy on approving new interstate natural gas facilities and pipelines, requiring climate and social justice considerations.

The FERC announced that it will begin to “undertake a robust consideration” of the environmental justice impacts of such fossil fuel projects before granting approval, according to a fact sheet published Thursday.