Grain Exports In Full Stop – Empty Bellies Ahead


In 2022, the floating ice cover in the Bering Sea reached its greatest February extent since 2013. The above map shows the extent of sea ice in the Bering Sea as of Feb 16, 2022 — ice covered more than 846,000 square kilometers (327,000 square miles), far exceeding the 1981–2010 mean. Big hint: Ice covers do not expand in a warming climate.

So say goodbye to manmade global warming. The Version 6.0 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) reading for February 2022 continues the overall downward trend since 2016’s peak, now down approx. 0.71C deg. C since then. In other words, it’s getting harder for the politicized ‘catastrophic global heating’ narrative to be maintained.

But who cares about slight temperature changes when food prices threaten to explode into the stratosphere. Though colder, snowier weather is shortening growing seasons, food prices are going through the roof for multiple reasons with no clear end in sight. “Inflation in the food sector, already running hot, is set to go vertical. The combination of higher costs, lack of supply, labor shortages, and broken logistics has set in motion a crisis which can no longer be avoided.”

The head of pharma at Bayer proudly proclaims the COVID mRNA vaccine is gene therapy and that misleading the public was useful to create widespread adoption.


‘Baked Potato Biden’ ponders how we got to a place where PUTIN decides “he’s gonna invade RUSSIA.” Russia??


COVID Did Not Panic Chiropractors. Why Not?

It’s official: Moderna created Covid-19 in order to grift billions from “vaccine” sales 


-5253905353303767989_121Shocking study finds covid vaccines rewrite your DNA… permanently

This is something that the CDC lied about for the last several years, claiming it was impossible.

This means the vaccine alters your genetic code in mere hours after being injected. This may help explain why cancer rates are exploding in people who take covid vaccines. The integrity of their DNA is being destroyed.

Biden bragged about handing Putin a list of the 16 most vulnerable infrastructure targets in the US; now Americans are vulnerable to Russian cyberattacks

‘Vaccine-Induced Cancer’       Chlorine Dioxide To The Rescue

We now have an inconceivable rise in cancer rates caused by COVID vaccines. Early in 2022, Senator Ron Johnson hosted a conference in Washington D.C. called “Second Opinion.” One of the speakers at this 5-hour recorded event last Monday was attorney Thomas Renz, who in the short time allotted to him, testified that three military medical professionals had become whistleblowers, putting their careers on the line, to expose data contained in the Department of Defense Medical Database, under oath and under penalty of perjury, regarding the explosion of miscarriages which increased by almost 300% in 2021, a nearly 300% increase in cancer, and over a 1000% increase in neurological injuries. Renz stated: “Our soldiers are being experimented on, injured, and sometimes possibly killed.” (by the COVID-19 vaccines.)