Bad Things Coming for Those Responsible? – Pfizer and Moderna CFOs Run for the Exits [VIDEO]

Pfizer-Injected Blood Under the Microscope (Video)

2000 Mules Documentary Dinesh D’Souza Proves Treason

Dinesh D’Souza’s bombshell of empirical and irrefutable videotape evidence, backs up Mike Lindell’s documentary about the 2020 election Fraud. It exposes thousands of American Traitors, paid by the Deep State Cabal in a grand conspiracy to violate the God-given, Constitutionally-protected rights of Americans to have their voiced heard in fair and secure elections. Among voter fraud charges, this is a violation of 18USC §241, §242 which is CONSPIRACY to violate rights – carrying the death Penalty.

Gregg Braden: What is The Bible Code? Sealed Until the End of Time – The Science & The Prophecies

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Evidence surfacing that food processing and distribution centers being set on fire to destroy evidence of human (mostly children’s) remains in the food. Soylent Green really is people!

— David Zublick (@DavidZublick) April 29, 2022