Note: I have nothing yet to report on tribunals. I understand the Billy Ayres tribunal began Thursday and lasted into Friday. I expect to receive an update Monday.

Biden Regime: Vaccines More Important than Baby Formula

“Parents should stop whining so much about food and think about what will happen to their children if they don’t get vaccinated as soon as they can.

“No one really needs baby formula, but they need vaccinations.”

In closing, our source added a few comments that support contentions made not only by RRN but also by other right-leaning conservative websites.

“Neither Biden nor Harris has ever set foot in the real White House, only replicas. Biden has plenty of body doubles and hasn’t left his Delaware basement in quite a long time,” he said. 

What happened the next day on Sept. 11th?


Trump Planning Streaming Service…

…Hiring ‘Non-Woke’ Producers For New Streaming Channel

Web Version Being Launched..

Wisconsin School District Files Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Middle Schoolers…

…For Using Incorrect Pronouns

These aren’t the kind of figures we should be seeing if a vaccine is effective. These aren’t even the kind of figures we should be seeing if a vaccine is ineffective. What we’re seeing here is a vaccine that is having the opposite of its intended effect.

Your Government quietly confirmed the Fully Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome while they had you worried about Russia-Ukraine & the Cost of Living


message gop voters dont assume just democrats watching