Military Sentences Alec Baldwin to Death

Vice Adm. Crandall orated a brief opening statement, then swiftly called his first witness. It was Baldwin’s daughter Ireland, appearing on ZOOM. When Baldwin saw her face, he hopped from his chair and started shouting at the screen: “You disgusting, little lying piggy, you’ll pay for this, you and your mother,” Baldwin hissed.

GITMO security shackled Baldwin’s legs and gagged his mouth.

The implication was that this doctor would be raping me while my father raped his daughter, in the same bed, in the same room. That’s when I ran, and my mother sheltered me. Only later did I learn that the doctor was Dr. McCoy L. Moretz and his actress-daughter Chloe Grace, both were into the scene.”

“Sentence to be carried out on 1 June.”


Pro-Trump Candidates Eyeing Triumphs In Key Georgia GOP Primaries…

…2022 Turnout Tripled 2018

All 16 Runners Who Collapsed and Runner Who Died at Brooklyn Half Marathon Said They Were Fake Vaccinatedimage

Holy shit this story is insane.

30 year old had a heart attack and died after crossing the finish line, 16 others hospitalized after collapsing during the race.

They can not keep this hidden much longer.

All 16 Runners Who Collapsed and Runner Who Died at Brooklyn Half Marathon Said They Were Vaccinated

The Monkeypox Agenda

Biden regime last week placed an order for millions of doses of a quasi-vaccine that allegedly protects against the virus. Monkeypox, however, has no clinically effective vaccine, and governments in East Africa, where cases occasionally arise, inject family members of confirmed victims with a genetically modified smallpox vaccination.

Four days ahead of the purchase, Deep State dark lord Barack “Hussein” Obama made a clandestine trip to the World Health Organization’s Geneva Headquarters, where he held private discussions with globalist and WHO kingpin Tedros Adhanom, according to military sources who shadowed Obama from his Massachusetts mansion to Boston-Logan International airport.

A CDC informant privy to talks between Obama and Rochelle Walensky, he added, confirmed the military’s worst suspicions—Obama is still the shot caller.  The despicable duo spoke 12 hours on topics that included how to persuade Americans to happily accept new vaccinations for a new disease.

In closing, we asked our source why the military tail had not arrested Obama while following his caravan to the airport.

“For one, the numbers weren’t on our side. Two, the people who make arrest decisions are above my paygrade.”



…Textbook Encourages Withholding Info From Parents

Biden Doppelganger visits WHO in Geneva

The above information comes from military sources who claim to have seen the original amendments and have been tracking the movements of Biden’s body double.

“It’s important to understand the real Biden is a senile puppet who doesn’t leave his basement. The Deep State convinced him Covid really did kill millions of Americans and warned him to stay in his basement. He’s so afraid of Covid, he installed a hermetically sealed door.

That single paragraph grants Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and the World Health Assembly, the main decision-making body of the WHO, unilateral power to not only enforce mask and vaccination mandates in the U.S., but also the ability to restrict travel and impose lockdowns and stay-at-home orders on American citizens. Moreover, the WHO would have unfettered capability to conduct digital surveillance on the citizenry under the pretense of monitoring lockdown violators.

“Naturally, we’re closely watching this situation. We expected they’d try something novel when their Covid scheme fell apart, but we didn’t expect them to go with this Monkeypox scare so soon,” our source said.


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Platoon-Sized Elements In Camouflage Caught Crossing Into U.S. From Mexico…

GOP Senator: US Taxpayers Shelling Out $3 Million Daily For Border Wall That Biden Won’t Build…


US Air Force Will Host "Drag Queen Story Hour" On Military Base…




Klaus was born in Hitler’s Germany in 1938.
His father Eugen Schwab, a close confidant of Hitler, was then head of Escher-Wyss, a strategic company of Nazi Germany, and had his own camp where prisoners had to work for free.