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CDC Quietly Fires Monkeypox Deniers

The firings, he added, occurred within days of the employees questioning whether the CDC was artificially amplifying the existence of active monkeypox cases for political gain.

“The virologist we’re talking about brought his findings to Dr. Braden, saying he couldn’t in good conscious sign any paperwork because the case was fraudulent. He said someone within the center was recycling old photos and presenting them as current active cases.

Upon arriving at work the next morning, the virologist was promptly fired. The reasons given were “unethical behavior” and “misuse of company property.” According to the whistleblower, the CDC offered the virologist a healthy severance package in exchange for signing a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement stating he would not speak to the press about monkeypox or reasons for his termination.

“He was told, directly, to avoid media, under threat of having payouts and health insurance cancelled.

Two days later, Braden fired the virologist’s two laboratory assistants. They, too, were given severance packages after signing aggressive non-disclosure agreements.

“There’s an ongoing effort to push monkeypox into the limelight,” the whistleblower said, “even though there’s no evidence of an actual outbreak, or even a single active case in the U.S.

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Analysis: The Solution To Mass Shootings Is & Always Will Be Armed Citizens…

“Experts say the rising number of vaccinated people dying should not cause panic in those who got shots, the vast majority of whom will survive infections. Instead, they say, these deaths serve as a reminder that vaccines are not foolproof and that those in high-risk groups should consider getting boosted and taking extra precautions during surges.”

So, in other words, the jab only works for a handful of months, and then you have to take another. And another. And another. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,15 the first two doses wear off after five months, necessitating a third dose, and the third dose wears off in just four months, at which time you’re supposed to get dose No. 4.

Israeli data16 show the effectiveness of shot No. 4 in preventing severe disease declines by 56% in just seven weeks. So, it appears the protection you get from the shots keeps getting shorter with each dose. Meanwhile, data show the shots can render you increasingly susceptible to all manner of infection and disease, through a wide variety of mechanisms.

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Buffalo, NY Mass Shooter Had Been Coached By Former FBI Agent…

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Horowitz: It’s time to ban ‘gun-free’ death zones

Is This the Worst Excuse for Vaccine Failure Yet?


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Detroit Footage Shows Woman Dropping Large Stack Of Ballots Into Drop Box…

Wisconsin Cities Sued Over Unlawful Unmanned Ballot Drop Boxes…

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Uvalde massacre was a planned stand down operation

Mike Adams

It’s now 100 percent clear that the Uvalde mass shooting was a "stand down operation," meaning law enforcement was deliberately ordered to stand down so that the massacre could take place. The goal? Gun control, of course.

We also have a story from the left-wing media outlet MSN, declaring, "Uvalde Police Officer Admits Cops Saved Their Own Kids From Robb Elementary Before Stopping Shooter".

The story gets even more insane as you dig into it.

See my full article and podcast coverage here.

Klaus Schwab issues threat to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty

By Ramon Tomey |

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This is what happens if you give up your guns: Australia announces two years in prison for violating covid rules

The dirty little secret about monkeypox and infectious disease: They’re all rapidly spread via gay acts, but the media won’t touch the topic

Monkypox outbreak traced back to two LGBT festivals in Europe

Biden administration warns Americans: Another pandemic is coming around the midterm election

The Biden administration is warning Americans that another pandemic is coming and it could happen just around the November midterm election.

A Comprehensive List of Food Companies and Products That Use Senomyx (Used Aborted Babies)

We know that some of the "crisis actors" used in the Sandy Hoax went on to play starring roles in subsequent false flag events. Many of them. Caught red-handed.