DITCHING THE DONKEY: One Million Voters Have Left The Democratic Party for the GOP in the Last Year

How America ends – Putin announces new BRICS global reserve currency to replace the dollar


New York Supreme Court strikes down law allowing noncitizens to vote

Covid-19 vaccines are reactivating the chickenpox virus in the vaccinated


Trucker warning: ‘You could  see chaos as people fight for basic necessities of everyday life’ — updates on the supply chain and food shortages

Readers have kindly been updating us of shortages in their geographical locations, both in the comment sections and through images emailed


https://t.co/Ctd87iTF3z Video
“They’re running the largest human trafficking operation in the world — that’s what the Biden Administration is doing.”  Fox News

— Just Georgie (@JustGeorgie3) June 27, 2022


No donations unless you’re woke: Longtime male blood donor turned away after refusing to answer new pre-donation questionnaire about whether he is pregnant

A 66-year-old Scottish man who has donated blood for nearly 50 years was turned away from the clinic recently after he refused to participate in an exercise of gender insanity.


ALL covid vaccines destroy natural immunity, including in pregnant women and their babies

BREAKING: SCOTUS sides with coach fired for praying at the 50-yard line