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    Special Forces Arrest Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel

    Special Forces dressed in civvies and driving civilian vehicles tailed Bancel and his chauffer from the airport to the Watermark Hotel in Tysons, Virginia, where he used fake credentials to check in under an assumed name–Émile Blaise.

    It took less than two minutes for Special Forces to pull Bancel from the limo and place him under arrest, while the chauffer was set free with a dire warning to not discuss under any circumstances what had just happened.


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    Approximately 10 Percent of All Americans Are Now “Preppers”…


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    I’m sure the leftist politicians who have controlled California, New York, Oregon, Illinois, Maryland, and nearly every big city for half a century will definitely fix things this time!  And politicians of both parties who have been in politics their entire adult life will definitely listen to the people and change their ways!