Illegal Immigrants Vote Democrat in Colorado

(but you knew that…)

Illegal Immigrants in Colorado used fraudulent state identification cards to vote for Democrats in the 2022 midterm election, said a source at U.S. Army Cyber Command who has been analyzing suspicious election results.

Incidentally, Pueblo County is part of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, where House Rep. Lauren Boebert is running a tight race against Democrat Adam Frisch.

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5.5M Illegal Aliens Penetrated US Border Since Biden Took Office…

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Ballots Have Now Gone Missing After Dominion Voting Machine Disaster

After Dominion Voting machines in Mercer County, New Jersey, failed to read ballots, forcing voters to complete paper ballots, hundreds or even thousands of those paper ballots have now disappeared.

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Nevada Races Too Close To Call After Biggest Counties Quit Counting Votes [Epoch]…

(delay, and delay … and then say the red wave never happened while they figure out how much they have to cheat to win.)

Ιt Ηas Begun! Hundreds Οf Walmart Stοres Close, Αs More Βusinesses Run Οut Of Μoney! - About & More - Must Video

Ιt Ηas Begun! Hundreds Οf Walmart Stοres Close

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Health Officials Are Nowhere to Be Found as ‘Silent Health Crisis’ Sweeps Over Europe

The data on children is disturbing

“And understand we locked down the country; we locked down the world. And we can’t even get an investigation with excess deaths compared to what happened during the COVID response,” lamented The Highwire’s Jeffrey Jaxen.

• As you can see, by the end of 2020 (gray line), children actually suffered less excess mortality than usual when there were ZERO Covid-19 vaccines on the market. Odd.

• But then look at 2021 (dark blue line). It continues that downturn, suffering less-than-usual excess mortality, but once emergency use authorization gets granted for children in the middle of the year, deaths quickly escalate. And as younger and younger children get approved for the jab, deaths soar even higher.

• Now, as we look at 2022 (blue-gray line), deaths continue to accelerate like they did near the end of 2021. And compared to 2020 and 2021, there are FAR MORE overall excess deaths.

Why aren’t health officials taking a look at this??? All we seem to be getting is radio silence.

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