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Enormous Wave Of Bankruptcies And Layoffs…

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As promised, I didn’t hold back


Elon Musk felt like he ‘was dying’ after 2nd COVID booster shot, cousin in ‘peak health’ suffered myocarditis

A "PERSON" HAS NO BODY In the imaginary world of legal fiction commerce – and all commerce is legal fiction, a “person” is always an artificial “legal person” of one kind or another legally generated. Maxim of Law: Quid fas non veritas est.

Legality is not Reality. “A legal person is any subject matter to which the law attributes a merely legal or fictitious personality. This extension … is one of the most noteworthy feats of the legal imagination .. (!) Legal persons, being the arbitrary creations of the law, may be of as many kinds as the law pleases. Those … recognised by our own system, however, all fall within a single class, namely, corporations or bodies corporate.” Source: Jurisprudence 7th Edition, Sweet & Maxwell Ltd (1924), Section 113, p.336.

A legally generated “artificial person” has no substance, no body, no brain, no consciousness, no heart, no energy, no spirit, no soul. It is a mere legal “persona” in the fictional “theatre of commerce”, which is prescribed imaginary “roles” played by “actors” giving a “performance”.


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