The federal government has been fearmongering over TikTok, an app that spies on you for the Chinese government no more or less than any other social media app.

And now we know why.

It’s called the RESTRICT Act, and if it passes, it will be one of the biggest infringements on your rights and privacy in American history.

RESTRICT gives the government authority over every single form of communication, anywhere, and authorizes them to label you, or any other human being on earth, a "national security threat".

It will allow them to collect any communication or transaction data on you and everyone else, without any warrant or oversight, and it bans you from encrypting your data to stop them.

If you violate any section of RESTRICT, you will be labeled a "foreign adversary", even if you’re an American citizen living in America.

Orwell’s Oceania would be proud with that bit of newspeak.

Once you’re labeled, the only way it could be removed is by a resolution from both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

That’s right, you can’t fight this. You can’t ask for due process. You’d have to rely on an act of Congress.

And how could they punish you?

Just about any way they wish, and without any trial or due process.

At the very least, you could suffer a $1 million fine and 20 years in prison, and you would have to surrender every single thing you own.

RESTRICT also gives the government unlimited hiring power, and unlimited funding.

Want to file a FOIA request to see why you were labeled a "foreign adversary"?


RESTRICT gives government immunity from FOIA.

I want to put this plainly: RESTRICT, if passed, will remove any semblance of limitation on government’s ability to frame you, rob you of everything, and destroy your life.

You will have no privacy, no due process, and no ability to even find out why they did this to you.

Now you know why they’ve been trying to scare you about foreign dictatorships: to distract you from the domestic dictatorship they’re attempting to create.

Contact your Senators and Representative now, and tell them to oppose the Restrict Act.

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DeSantis Denied Entry to GITMO Again; Military Threatens to Shoot Him Down

By Michael Baxter

For reasons unknown, Florida Governor and presumptive presidential candidate Ron DeSantis seems desperate to once again access Guantanamo Bay, the infamous detention center where he, as a junior Navy officer, allegedly authorized the force-feeding of Jihadi detainees, a process that involves strapping them to a chair and jamming a lubricated tube down their throats. DeSantis has categorically denied authorizing or witnessing such incidents, saying in an interview with Piers Morgan, “I didn’t have authority to authorize anything. There may have been a commander that would have done feeding if someone was going to die, but that was not something that I would have even had authority to do.” That was in 2006, when DeSantis was a Navy Lieutenant as part of its Judge Advocate General’s corps – serving as a military lawyer.

In August 2021, DeSantis had a renewed interest in visiting his old post. He toured the base with Vice Adm. Crandall, stopping at the administration buildings and at Camp Delta before boarding a private jet for his trip back to Florida.

His visit caused a stir among White Hats. Both Generals Berger and Smith asked Adm. Crandall and GITMO leadership to forbid DeSantis entry, claiming they had evidence proving the Sunshine State’s governor was a Deep State sympathizer, collaborator, or both, and a card-carrying member of Skull & Bones.

“If DeSantis is who we think he is, and we’re pretty sure, he has no business at Guantanamo Bay.”

When DeSantis in February tried to schedule a follow up visit, GITMO staff told his spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, that GITMO was closed to uninvited visitors.

The rebuff, however, has not stopped Pushaw and other persons in DeSantis’ camp from flooding GITMO’s phones with requests and demands.

“We’ve been getting four, five, or six calls a day, all saying DeSantis must come to GITMO. He never makes the calls, it’s always one of his representatives, and we’ve told them if we want to see DeSantis, we’ll call him. Until then, he’s persona non grata,” our source said.

But still they kept calling, each time sounding more belligerent and forceful, until finally Adm. Crandall personally told Pushaw that “Deep State DeSantis” had forfeit his right to visit GITMO for collaborating with FEMA Director Denise Criswell during Hurricane Ian, when FEMA agents pillaged homes of displaced storm victims.

“I think that call happened during the second week of March. The persistent calls stopped for a while, and we thought finally DeSantis took a hint. Well, we were wrong, and on March 23rd the calls started again,” our source said.

Pushaw, he said, gave an ultimatum: either grant DeSantis permission to land at Leeward Point Airfield, or he’d come anyway. GITMO leadership discussed the situation with Gen. Smith, who said he would deal with DeSantis’ people.

A day later, Gen. Smith spoke to Pushaw and issued a stark warning: if DeSantis approached GITMO by air or by sea, he would be declared an enemy combatant and fired upon. She reportedly called Gen. Smith “a monster” and hung up on him.

We asked our source a hypothetical question: Is it possible that GITMO has calamitous info on DeSantis that could ruin his presidential aspirations, unflattering info DeSantis might want destroyed.

“I can’t confirm or deny that. I just know he’s unwelcome here,” our source said.