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Military Arrests CDC Official for Covid Crimes

By Michael Baxter

United States Marines on Friday arrested CDC Deputy Director for Global Health Dr. Howard Zucker on charges of treason after U.S. Army Cyber Command intercepted several Zoom calls on which he advocated for abolishing the Constitution and renewing lockdowns and mask mandates to combat the (fictitious) emerging strain of Covid called XBB.1.16.

Dr. Zucker graduated from McGill University and holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from George Washington University School of Medicine, a Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University Law School, and a Master of Laws from Columbia Law School. From 2014-2021, he served as Commissioner of Health for New York State. During the height of the plandemic, he had encouraged the now-deceased Andrew Cuomo to shut down New York and criminally charge business owners that eschewed indoor mask mandates. He had also recommended jail time for citizens that didn’t abide by social distancing guidelines, which he called “laws.”

In January 2023, he assumed the role of Deputy Director for Global Health, which gave him broad operating authority and responsibility for overall planning, direction, and management of global strategy and programs across CDC. Walensky heralded his arrival, saying that Zucker was “One of few experts who understand that Covid remains a great and persistent threat to us and who is willing to take risks to ensure there is no resurgence of Covid-19.”

Undoubtedly, Zucker took risks. On January 15, 2023, he risked telling HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra that the government should spend $16 billion developing a “smart bracelet” to determine a person’s Covid and vaccination status by changing colors, like mood rings of the 1970s. If the bracelet glowed crimson, a person would be considered unvaccinated and Covid positive; whereas if it was green, a person was Covid negative and compliant with boosters. The concept was so absurd that Becerra, among the deepest of Deep Staters still running free, called it an impracticable fantasy, though he praised Zucker’s ingenuity. Becerra told him that the time of draconian Covid enforcement had ended, adding that the government would employ guile and subterfuge to “keep Covid alive” in the media and in the minds of frightened people.

Becerra’s words, however, didn’t’ stop Zucker from taking matters into his own hands. In February 2023, the lunatic telephoned 2,000 New York City businesses, admonishing them for serving maskless and potentially un-boosted customers. Astonishingly, some companies—restaurants and off-Broadway theatres—said they would immediately reimpose mask mandates, with some apologizing for a “lapse in judgment.” Over a week, he unilaterally persuaded 150 businesses to implement mask mandates and check vaccination cards.

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military became interested in Zucker only after he said he would forsake the Constitution to protect the citizenry against “the deadliest disease to ever endanger humanity.”

“Frankly, we’re at the point of not giving two shits what happens in liberal New York City. If they want to wear masks and get 100 boosters, more power to them. What we do care about is a public official saying that Covid-19 protocols supersede the Constitution of the United States. Simply put, that’s treason. The Deep State’s plandemic has been exposed as fake, but some of these goons are so obsessed with it that they’ll do anything and everything to still scare people. And that’s what Zucker was doing,” a JAG source told Real Raw News.

On April 12, ARCYBER tapped into a CDC Zoom call on which Zucker pleaded with Becerra, Walensky, and other regime health officials to acknowledge what his WHO associates had told him: Covid-19 was coming back with a bang and was so transmissible that only fresh stay-at-home orders would prevent “the killer virus” from ravaging the world like a Biblical plague. The lunatic Zucker beseeched Walensky to demand that Biden calls for “new normal restrictions” to safeguard the United States from further Covid calamities. Zucker said, “F*** the Constitution. F*** Donald Trump. We need lockdowns!”

His following sentence spelled out his true impetus: “How can we get people to do what we want if we can’t control them.”

His incendiary rhetoric was apparently too much for Deep Staters who had literally fled to the hills to avoid military arrest; Walensky and Becerra terminated the call.

On Friday, April 30, General Eric M. Smith sent a USMC reconnaissance platoon to arrest Zucker at his regal estate in the wealthy Buckhead suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. At the time of his arrest, Zucker denied wrongdoing and said he had a right to call either Rochelle Walensky or Joseph Biden.

“Howard Zucker got bruised a bit, but that’s because he tried to resist,” our source said. “He got what he deserved and’ll answer for his crimes. The numbers are thinning, and as soon as Walensky or Becerra step back in the United States, we’ll get them too,” our source said.

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Liz Cheney Hanged at GITMO

By Michael Baxter

Monday, April 24

Standing atop the gallows with a braided rope around her neck, Liz Cheney devoted her final breaths to excoriate President Donald J. Trump—who was not present—and his “minions,” accusing them of collectively subverting the Constitution to enforce a “private brand of justice.” Her eyes, open to narrow slits, like knife cuts, surveyed the officers who stood below and before her, as if memorizing faces for a future fight against them.

As is typical at hangings, a uniformed soldier tugged on the rope stretching from Cheney’s neck to a beam several feet above them, testing for slack and tension. He nodded at Vice Admiral Crandall, signaling his readiness to push the button.

A ruddy-cheeked Cheney rambled on about how Trump and Adm. Crandall would eventually face their own tribunals with a predetermined verdict of guilty. She said an ineluctable fate awaited them and their co-conspirators. She held Trump and the admiral responsible for her father’s death and said her “people” would behead them.

“You’re all doomed,” she said, shaking her shackled wrists, and she called Adm. Crandall an irritant, like a buzzing mosquito waiting to be squashed.

“This isn’t personal; I take no enjoyment in my responsibilities,” Vice Adm. Crandall said. “You took an oath to our country—let me correct myself. It’s not your country. It stopped being your country the moment you betrayed the Constitution. You’re un-American. You, your people, you stand up there holding yourself blameless, no misgivings for what you’ve done. I pity you; I really do.”

The admiral seemed uncharacteristically patient. He gave Cheney more latitude than he had previous Deep Staters on the gallows. His face was devoid of expression, but he seemed genuinely interested in what made people like Cheney tick—What drove them to value greed over charity? What compelling force stripped them of decency? His dispassionate look became one of puzzlement as he listened to Cheney’s hateful monologue, her tongue flicking like a snake’s as she cursed the admiral and his family.

“You murdered my father. You killed my friends. And for that you will die,” Cheney said.

Apparently the admiral had heard enough. He instructed the soldier on the platform to push the button, and a second later, Cheney was dangling in the wind. A Navy physician affirmed Cheney’s death and noted the time: 9:30 a.m., Monday, April 24.

Adm. Crandall had a busy schedule. He still had to oversee the hanging of two corrupt feds and then board one of several flights that would eventually carry him to Guam, where tribunals would be held for the foreseeable future.

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