Interview reveals how governments routinely run terrorist attacks on their own citizens

Mike Adams

Today we feature a bombshell interview with Richard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 911 truth.

In this interview, we reveal how the truth about covid is exposing the lies about 9/11 (and building 7 in particular).

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Damn Elon…. Wow what a massive redpill

The Texas Mass Shooter was Described as a White Supremest because of information Magically Found on an Obscure Russian Website by BellingCat, a Company that literally Runs Psyops

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Big Pharma’s Latest Ploy to Outlaw a Natural Cure for Arthritis,
Osteoporosis and Tooth Decay


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In the same way that we witnessed the shortage of food in some places, there may be more safety valves being bled to protect us.

We have seen the destruction of many food processing plants, kill floors, meat processing facilities, and farms because the food was probably tainted—either genetically modified, poisoned, or contained Human meat…

There was the extreme shortage of infant formula in America last year and afterward we learned the White Hats had removed the formula from circulation because the psychopaths had poisoned it in a pre-planned assault on Humanity. If the babies are eliminated, we can kiss our future goodbye.


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