Under Obama, U.S. personal freedom ranking slips below 20 other countires

Obama secretly met with Ferguson protesters – What he told them is truly disturbing

While Obama Was Welcoming Fruitpickers to Come Out of the Shadows He Released Five More Guantanamo Monsters

Team Obama usually waits for late Friday afternoon to dump all the bad news. Since he anointed himself Emperor Thursday night all the stuff he didn’t want you to know about came out early.

First we found out he lied (shocking!) about the number of ObamaCare enrollees by counting dental plans so he could make 7 million people forced into his scam, news that barely caused a rippled and naturally led to pathetic excuses from his buttboy media.

Later in the day we found out that yes, indeed, he and his thug army did target Sharyl Attkisson, then of CBS News. We waited for years for them to provide documents, so of course they waited until this week.

Then in very hush-hush fashion, late Thurdsay came news that five more two-legged animals have been released from Club Gitmo.


Obama, the world’s most powerful mushroom, "just found out"

obama mushroom.jpgOnce again, comrades, the black man is being oppressed and kept down. Kept from be informed and educated by the Racists™ in the WHITE House, Deer Leader, ostensibly the most powerful mushroom in the world, has once again been kept in the dark and fed meadow muffins!
"I just heard about this," Obama said to reporters overseas Saturday, nearly an entire week after the Gruber scandal broke.
This shows a pattern of outrageously Racist™ behavior and lack of information from those who are supposed to be Deer Leader’s political and administrative allies. The list of important matters that Deer Leader never knew about until He read about them in the press includes:
1. Islamist militants gaining in Iraq
2. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine
3. NSA spying on foreign leaders
4. VA waiting list scandal
5. IRS targeting scandal
6. HealthCare.gov failing
7. DOJ obtaining AP phone records
8. Fast and Furious scandal
9. Air Force One flyover in Manhattan
To say the least, comrades, this is disheartening.
And where are the Rev.s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on this violation of Civil Rights™?
Worst of all, an unscripted question from the press means that Deer Leader didn’t have time to program his teleprompter to give a detailed and understandable explanation for why he didn’t know anything before a rabid Faux News "journalist" ambushed Him with a "gotcha" question.


Democrats Vow To Stop Kidnapping, Raping America

imageDemocrats plead not guilty to kidnapping, holding America in their basement, and forcing her to do unspeakably bizarre, sick, twisted, and painful acts of grotesque deviancy for the Democrats’ strange selfish personal pleasuring every which way all over their dirty basement den of domination for eight years.

The Democrats defense took a surprising turn to offense as their lawyers countered America’s claim of innocence in her own rape. The Democrats have filed a counter suit against America claiming they, the Democrats, are the real victims.

"America was wearing a skimpy sexy outfit that she wore with the purposeful intent to provoke being kidnapped, held in a deviously devised basement torture chamber, and repeatedly raped all over said basement for eight long brutal bloodcurdling years of sick twisted political rape and unspeakable outrage."

If found not guilty Democrats vow to never kidnap and rape America again.