By-products of hocked up politics

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Border Patrol Will Deploy Elite Tactical Agents to 'Sanctuary' Cities...

The Trump administration is deploying law enforcement tactical units from the southern border as part of a supercharged arrest operation in sanctuary cities across the country, an escalation in the president’s battle against localities that refuse to participate in immigration enforcement.

An agent with the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, known as BORTAC, an elite group that functions essentially as the SWAT of Border Patrol.© Adrees Latif/Reuters An agent with the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, known as BORTAC, an elite group that functions essentially as the SWAT of Border Patrol.

The specially trained officers are being sent to cities including Chicago and New York to boost the enforcement power of local ICE officers, according to two officials who are familiar with the secret operation. Additional agents are expected to be sent to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Detroit and Newark, N.J.

Scientists Discover Surprising Weapon In Fight Against Brain Tumors: Ebola...


Florida 'red flag' gun law used 3,500 times since Parkland...


Enraged Virginia Democrats Storm Out of Chamber During Pastor’s Prayer


WATCH: Glenn Beck exposes MORE Biden corruption, this time with communist China


Three House Dems on Judiciary Committee hit with ethics allegations

The three went after Trump while they have allegedly been up to no good.




Belt sander serenade

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Medicinal clay used by Native Americans shown to be more effective than overused antibiotics


More Chinese now under lockdown than the entire population of the United States, 400 M people in over 60 cities

Emergency medicine skills: Creating your own penicillin at home


SCARY: Mysterious Virus Found in Brazil with Genetic Profile Scientists Have Never Seen Before

U.S. diners, watch out: First GMO animal approved for human consumption soon to hit restaurants


American communists call for a violent takeover… and (armed) American people are ready

Their words

Two More Bernie Staffers Promote "Extreme Action" and Property Destruction


Coronavirus Patients in China to be Treated with High-Dose Vitamin C

Breaking news: China is conducting a clinical trial of 24,000 mg/day of intravenous vitamin C to treat patients with coronavirus and severe respiratory complications.

U.S. Navy Intercepts MASSIVE Cache of Iranian Made Weapons In Arabian Sea


Lukewarm juices and now with no excuses

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Nadler’s panic letter to Barr demands to know why DOJ is looking at Giuliani’s Biden-Ukraine info


Judicial Watch: FBI Finds New Clinton Emails – Includes Classified Information and Discloses that Clinton Used Text Messages for Government Business

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton 'seriously thinking about' losing to Trump again in 2020

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton ‘seriously thinking about’ losing to Trump again in 2020

Stay Healthy:


How Vitamin C Reduces Severity and Deaths from Serious Viral Respiratory Diseases


Big Pharma’s dream come true: Electronic smart pills contain computer chips that track your compliance


Clint Eastwood: Obama Is ‘Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On The American People’


Iowa: Muslims unite behind Bernie to screams of “Allahu akbar”


Muslims Celebrate! Harvard Declares Koran ‘Best Book on Justice’


Strapped in on the shortbus

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imageTrump flies to Dover after rally to pay respects to two soldiers killed in Afghanistan

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence headed straight to Dover Air Force Base after a New Hampshire rally late Monday to take part in a “dignified transfer ceremony” for a pair of 28-year-old soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Sgt. 1st Class Antonio R. Rodriguez, of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Sgt. 1st Class Javier J. Gutierrez, of San Antonio, died Saturday in a firefight in Nangarhar Province. Both soldiers were assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group based in Florida.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence stood at attention as a flag-draped transfer case was carried down the ramp of a C-17 aircraft ramp and into a nearby van. Six white-gloved members of the carry team then repeated the solemn process.

‘Call a Crackhead’? Georgia Cop Busted for Possession of Meth


US Navy wants to hire 7,300 new sailors


AG Barr says you will be appalled about how the FBI obtained the FISAs. Read this carefully

Attorney General Barr announces ‘significant escalation’  to shut down sanctuary cities


Obama ‘planted moles’ in White House to torpedo next president

200 Georgia residents being monitored for possible deadly China coronavirus


Breaking – Jussie Smollett indicted on 6 felony counts…

This is UNBELIEVABLE! Ameena Matthews is a Democrat running for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives. Her father is serving life in prison! He agreed to commit DOMESTIC TERRORISM in exchange for 2.5 million from Libya. You CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!

Washington patient with coronavirus ‘cured within days’ by experimental anti-viral drug…

When a school administrator in Franklin County, Virginia told students they could not fly the American flag – they showed up at school the next day doing what any red-blooded patriot would do. Three students were to remove the flag from their trucks because it was potentially “offensive and disruptive.”


U.S. Flag Dispute in Franklin County, Virginia…

FRANKLIN COUNTY, VA – Franklin County High School students show up in unity displaying American flags on their vehicles after an administrator allegedly told them to remove them.

“My son called me from school saying that he saw an administrator around his truck and is now being called to the office,” the mother of one of the students said. BTW21 News reached out to the Franklin County Public Schools Administration, but has not received a response.

Alien death squids

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Newtown Mom Starts National Petition After Exposing “Glaring Failures” & “Unanswered Questions” At Sandy Hook


Sweden: Muslim migrant gets 75 hours community service for rape of 13-year-old girl


AG William Barr vows lawsuits and ‘significant escalation’ against sanctuary jurisdictions


Joe Biden admits even Mickey Mouse would be a better candidate than Hillary Clinton


Air Force to retire 44 legendary A-10 Warthogs


‘Satanist’ Fort Riley Soldier Pleads Guilty to Bomb Plot Charges


Ohio: Judge strips US citizenship of Muslim who plotted destruction of Brooklyn Bridge

Obama Judge Orders US to Bring Iraqis to America


Journalist Abby Martin Sues State of Georgia Over Law Requiring Pledge of Allegiance to Israel

After refusing to sign a pledge of allegiance to the state of Israel, the state of Georgia shut down a media literacy conference featuring journalist and filmmaker Abby Martin at Georgia Southern University.

In 2016, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a law requiring any person or organization entering into a contract with the state worth at least $1,000 sign an oath promising that they would not oppose the Israeli government in any fashion.


Democrats Fight President Trump’s Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts

President Donald Trump is committed to “eradicating human trafficking from the Earth,” in his words, but his efforts to stop the slavery plague are facing opposition from Democrat politicians and left-wing activist groups.


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UPDATE: AG Barr Indicts 8 People for Funneling Millions to Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton and Top Senate Democrats

Big news coming out of Washington! Last week, Attorney General William Barr indicted 8 individuals on some SERIOUS charges, among them is one of the top witnesses from the Mueller investigation.

There apparently has been a massive scheme of illegally funneling foreign donations to Democrats.

Although the indictment does not specifically name the 2016 candidate, campaign finance records indicate that the recipient of the donations was Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Some of the individuals named have been Adam Schiff, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ted Lieu, and George Nader who was Mueller’s key witness.

To see a full list of all the recipients of donations from this scheme, you’ll find them here.


Scotland: The Most Popular Name for Rapists is Mohammed

We’re never told what these Mohammeds come to be known for, or what they achieve. It’s probably because their tales are mostly to do with rape, drugs, and jihad. It wouldn’t do to tell the reader that there’s a new litter of jihadis and jihad enablers growing in our midst.

Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler sought to gain political advantage by misusing the process of impeachment laid down in the Constitution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and chairmen of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees—Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler—have clearly abused their power by using the Democrats House majority to impeach President Trump when they had no possible chance of securing 67 votes to convict him.

15811260870728588763501082896998Their partisan political strategy has cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars—as the Democrats trashed long-established cardinal legal principles to pursue the President in the face of relentless opposition by the Republicans.

Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler sought to gain political advantage by misusing the process of impeachment laid down in the Constitution

Thousands of productive hours were lost by the President, House and Senate members and their respective staffs.

Government Departments were caught up in producing at least 25,878 pages used in evidence.

In so doing—Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler sought to gain political advantage by misusing the process of impeachment laid down in the Constitution—hoping that the smear and innuendo generated against the President under the cover of legal privilege—despite the certainty of the verdict—would favour the Democrats in the November 2020 elections.


Antifa terrorists own the streets of Portland as police retreat

The fact that Democrats in Democrat cities do nothing to stop Antifa most of the time should say a lot.


Rudy Giuliani ‘SMOKING GUN’: I Have 3 Witnesses Who Will Testify That the Obama Regime Violated the Exact Laws That the Mueller Witch Hunt Falsely Accused President Trump of Violating


Flashback: Bernie Sanders Struggles To Explain His ‘Honeymoon’ to the Soviet Union at the Height of the Cold War


Flashback: Bernie Sanders Praised Communist Cuba and the Soviet Union


Flashback: Bernie Sander’ Long, Documented History of Being a Card-Carrying Communist


In the last 7 days Democrats advocated killing babies after they were born, putting a 90% tax on the rich, said we must have sympathy for ISIS, proposed confiscating all our guns, & also had a sitting governor exposed wearing a KKK outfit in the same week as promoting infantcide


Bernie Sanders got good news in Iowa presidential polls over the weekend. They showed him leading the other candidates by a twelve point margin. Bernie was asked if, as a socialist, he should share the twelve points equally with his six rivals for the nomination.

Honey wagon hayride

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White House Confirms Trump Has Killed Two More Top Terrorists

FLASHBACK: Top Romney Advisor Served On Burisma’s Board With Hunter Biden

Mueller ‘pitbull’ Weissmann appears to let slip they were trying to oust Trump by setting a perjury trap

Andrew Weissmann, one of the most prominent members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russia, let slip on Thursday that they were “trying to get rid of” President Trump, in part by laying a perjury trap to get him on record under oath.


Rep Mike Johnson: Pelosi committed a felony in moment of rage: ‘It wasn’t just any copy of SOTU Address’image

It wasn’t just any copy of the State of the Union Address. It was the copy — the original — and we have over two centuries of custom and tradition and of course, the Constitution that calls for the State of the Union Address,” he explained to Carlson.

When the president delivers the copies to those top legal officers — those two top legislative officers in that co-equal branch of government — those are the official documents of the House, and if you tear those up, you’ve violated a specific statute in the criminal code.

An Al Qaeda Leader Came to America as a Refugee, And Applied for Disability for Bullet Wounds


Report: Taxpayers Forking Over Up to $6,500 per Illegal Alien

imageScientists Find Half the World’s Fish Stocks Are Recovered—or Increasing—in Oceans That Used to Be Overfished

Hollywood Award Speeches Ghostwritten By Obama, Clinton Speechwriters


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