Ex-CIA Employee Admits President Obama Is A “Radical Islamic” Enemy Of America

I know the Left loves to attack anyone who says that Obama isn’t a Christian, but consider this:

Obama’s father was a Muslim, which de facto makes him a Muslim, and he is considered Muslim in the Muslim world. Take, for example, Meriam Ibrahim. Her mother was Christian and raised her a Christian. She married a Christian, lives in America and has Christian children. But when she returned to Sudan to visit family, she was arrested for “apostasy” — in other words, for leaving Islam. She was nine months pregnant and forced to give birth with her legs shackled, leaving her baby deformed. This is Islamic law. She is considered a Muslim even though she has never been a Muslim, because her father was a Muslim.

Obama, on the other hand, was raised a Muslim, and went to Islamic school in an Islamic country (Indonesia) from the ages of six to eleven. He was tops in his quran class.
Obama was “previously quite religious in Islam.”

Instead of beheading people, or murdering innocents outright, Obama lets his foreign policy reflect his jihad.

He is pro-jihad and it is clear in his foreign policy.


ALERT: Bombshell Documents Confirm Obama’s Plan to Let Terrorists INSIDE the US

Earlier this year, the government watchdog group Judicial Watch revealed documents which may prove the existence of a “hands off” list for suspected terrorists trying to enter the United States.

The documents were actually first discovered and released by Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, and are part of a 2012 email exchange between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, which discuss whether or not to allow entry to someone with ties to extremist terrorist groups.

Based on information contained within the emails, it is believed the person in question is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who also is associated with and supports Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad.

This suspected terrorist had been pulled aside for secondary investigations “several dozen times” over the past several years.

However, those secondary inspections had suddenly stopped occurring in 2010.