UN Climate Chief: ‘We Should Make Every Effort’ To Depopulate Planet…

While you may think ideas of sterilization and depopulation could never be accepted by the public, those very concepts are now being embraced and popularized by some as the way forward for humanity.

The head of the UN’s leading climate change panel is providing a platform, and in some cases actively pushing for a policy enforced by a dictatorship that hunts down mothers who become pregnant with their second child, abducts them off the street and takes them to government controlled hospitals where they are drugged and their baby is killed – all in the name of saving the planet.

Obama Signing Onto 20% Reduction of Military Retirement Pay

THIS Screenshot Exposes How UN-Affordable Obamacare Really Is

One of the big problems with Obamacare is that the out of pocket expenses have soared to unaffordable levels. In many cases people are paying up to $2,000 a month for their insurance when their deductible is $6,000 a year per person in their family. That means that if you have four people in your family, Obamacare won’t pay a penny of your coverage until YOU have paid $24,000 a year for healthcare. In a nation where people only make about $50,000 a year, Obama is expecting you to pay half your annual salary on healthcare before he pays a penny!!

This means that your healthcare “coverage” doesn’t really even exist.

Anyway, a fellow named ScottInSC Tweeted a perfect example of this major problem…

The fact is, Obamacare is only a tax. It doesn’t cover any healthcare for anyone. It’s just a giant tax hike disguised as “insurance.”

Supreme Court rejects free speech appeal over Cinco de Mayo school dispute…


30% of kids in Boston schools require English instruction…
Half of students in some CO schools from non-English speaking homes…

One third of residents in North VA now foreign-born…

Feds sign agreement with Mexico to teach immigrants to unionize in USA…

GOTCHA: Armed Customer Captures Bank Robber In Georgia

GOTCHA: Armed Customer Captures Bank Robber In Georgia


Sickening images show blindfolded and bound couple being brutally stoned to death by Muslim mobs for having sex before marriage

O’Keefe Finds Another University Willing To Sanction An ISIS Club (As Long As They Change Name So It’s Not Obvious)

Video: Ted Cruz Demolishes ‘Climate Change’ Alarmist’s Points In 3 Minutes


Video: Ted Cruz Demolishes ‘Climate Change’ Alarmist’s Points In 3 Minutes