Obama is a sleeper cell for radical Islam.

The Health Ranger

As Obama is about to give a televised address to the nation tonight, it has finally become apparent to nearly all thinking people that Obama is a sleeper cell for radical Islam.

Think about it: He has systematically destroyed America’s economy, culture and national security. He’s bringing in tens of thousands of potential terrorists and transplanting them into U.S. cities across the country.

He refuses to admit the San Bernardino terrorists were members of ISIS, all while his policies aggressively attack Christians across the country.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has now called for all Americans to be disarmed so that they’ll be easier targets for ISIS terrorists.

America is occupied and run by the enemy! And if we don’t take a stand now, there’s no chance of us getting it back…


What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Fluoride?

Article - Fluoride Deception

There is not one single metabolic process in your body that requires fluoride. On the contrary, fluoride is a cumulative poison that has been linked to reductions in IQ and an array of health problems.


Running on financial fumes, the Obama Administra

tion now planning on confiscating retirement accounts and pensions across the nation

Strapped for cash and eager to expand social entitlement programs and government dependency, President Obama is proposing to generate hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenues for the government by taxing, of all things, your retirement.


Total media blackout on Muslim religion of San Bernardino shooters… massive cover-up continues
Well, it took awhile, but the Obama Administration has finally been forced to admit what was obvious to tens of millions of Americans just hours after the deadly, ISIS-inspired shootings in San Bernardino: that they were committed by Muslim extremists, yet again, in the name of Islam.


Bitter Jihadists Cling to Guns and Religion

Islamists shooting up a Christmas gathering is not “workplace violence”. It is radicalized, “less than loving” Muslims participating in a global jihad against Christianity and our Western Judeo-Christian culture. When Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik they were bitter clingers indeed, filled with the same animus towards Christianity and Western culture as Maj. Nidal Hassan was when he shot up Ft. Hood while yelling “Allahu Akhbar” (God is great November 5, 2009, killing 13 and wounding 30.

How did the pair, on Fraook’s limited salary, amass thousands of rounds of high-powered ammo, wire their home with sophisticated booby troops, assemble a bomb-making factory in their garage, and acquire semi-automatic weapons with foreign help?


Middle Eastern Men Arrested Near Mexican Border with Steel Cylinders

there is no record of this week’s incident in Amado and that he knew nothing about it. JW also put in a call to DHS headquarters, but received no response. In the last year JW has broken a number of stories involving serious terrorist threats on the southern border that were disputed on the record by various Obama administration officials. Among these is an April report—confirmed by high-level Mexican authorities—about ISIS operating camps near the U.S. border in areas known as Anapra and Puerto Palomas west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.


Youtube Blocks Polar Bear Explosion

If you are in bed with those that would profit greatly from Orwellian control over the population, including taxing the air you breathe, it seems you are free to tout polar bears surfing the arctic on iceberg boogie boards. But if you challenge that system with facts proving thriving polar bear populations and growing ice formations, you’ll have to find an alternate publishing outlet.


The Left is, In Fact, A Collective Moron; Update Female shooter pledged to ISIS

The question here is not, is it an act of terror? We’re beyond that,” he said.

“When you’ve got two assault weapons, two handguns, you’re in body armor, you got a home that’s booby-trapped, you’ve been practicing to do this….”


It Takes a Clinton to Murder a Village: Hillary Clinton Ordered Waco Massacre

Hillary Clinton– not Bill, not Janet Reno, not Webb Hubbell, not Vince Foster– ordered the assault on Waco that killed 76 Branch Davidians, including 21 children, and two pregnant women– and motivated Timothy McVeigh to participate in the Oklahoma City bombings two years later on April 19, 1995.

In the spring of 1993, Mrs. Clinton had grown increasingly impatient with the Waco standoff, which came to dominate the headlines– preventing the administration from moving forward on health care reform (Hillarycare).

Clinton pressured Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster and Webb Hubbell to expedite a forceful resolution to the standoff.


Bombshell Study Finds 44% Increased Breast Cancer Risk for Women Having Abortions