Former Hillary Associate Claims to Have Been Her Personal Hit Man… Admits to Killing for Money

Obama concerned about anti-ISIS backlash after San Bernardino shooting.

President Obama in a somber moment as he mulls the likelihood of anti-ISIS backlash when news broke that one of the San Bernardino shooters had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.

(2015-12-04) — Minutes after learning that one of the shooters in this week’s San Bernardino attacks, that left 14 dead and injured 21, had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook, the White House urged Americans to remain tolerant of “differences”, in an apparent effort to head off an anti-ISIS backlash.

“Many devotees of ISIL are patriotic Americans like you and I,” President Obama said in a written statement. “They’re just peacefully reading the Koran and the Hadith and exercising their First Amendment freedom of religion, hoping and praying for the return of the Mahdi to reign over a global caliphate under Allah’s Sharia. In other words, they’re good people.”

A White House spokesman said the president knows that many Americans are prone to react harshly, even violently, against “people who aren’t the same as them,” adding “who can forget the atrocities committed by Christians during the Crusades, etcetera.”

VIDEO: Obama allowed Nation’s First Satanic Ceremony on the state Capitol…

VIDEO: Obama allowed Nation’s First Satanic Ceremony on the state Capitol…

On December 19, the satanic temple of Detroit held a ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing, MI.

THIS WAS THE NATION’S first state-sanctioned satanists ceremony in history.

‘Hail sisters and brothers, hail satan. We are here to celebrate the spirit of humanity and the dawn of a new American era… We are satanists.’

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Oregon Fire Chief Catches FBI Agents Posing as Militia – Quits His Job in Protest

According to Briels, he found FBI agents who were impersonating militia members lurking around the town’s armory. When he inquired about the undercover operation with county Judge Steve Grasty he was told to back off.

Just before this discovery was made, there were reports of people who looked like militia harassing locals, which is uncharacteristic of the protesters who initially assembled at the refuge. It turns out that these militia members suspected of harassing locals were actually undercover FBI agents.

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Muslim Imam (mosque minder) says they can kill anyone who does not respect Islam.

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10 reasons that show global warming is not man-made. Physics Prof explains his switch to skepticism.

Bit by bit, smart and influential thinkers are shifting. We’re seeing more and more of this type of exposition from people who are becoming skeptical. How much longer can the big bluff be maintained in the face of this kind of deep, considered and independent analysis?


Barack Obama is not registered to vote in D.C., but Barry Soetoro is!

Barack Hussein Obama is registered to vote in Washington, D.C., not as Barack Hussein Obama, but as Barry Soetoro.

The latter was his name when he was adopted by Obama’s mother’s (Stanley Ann Dunham) second husband, the Indonesian Lolo Soetoro. (Please note, however, that there are questions as to whether Obama’s mother and his supposed biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., were ever married, there being no trace of either a marriage or divorce certificate.)