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8 Year-Old Child Dies During Sex With 40-Year-Old Husband On Wedding Night: It’s not rape, it’s peace.

The Religion of Peace strikes again.  Or is that the Religion of Pieces?  Or the Religion of Pedophiles?

Muslims approve of pedophilia.  After all, Mohammed was a pedophile, he had a nine year old wife.  They don’t bat an eyelash at the idea.  They even have mass weddings.

16-0302 PedophileLG

Here’s the latest victim of Islam.

A 40-year-old Muslim man recently married an innocent 8-year-old girl. Unfortunately, the situation was only made worse later that day as reports have recently come out explaining the vile things the Islamist did to his new bride – and it was a bit more than just consummating on their wedding night.

The incident reportedly occurred in the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, where yet another disgusting Muslim wedding took place. Proving that the religion is still stuck in the 7th century, a little girl was forced into a marriage with a man 5 times her age.

Here’s the “happy couple.”

16-0302 Pedophile

You can see why she was attracted to him, right?