Migrant Gangs Leave Severed Head On Amsterdam Street

In Case You Haven’t Noticed, The Left Thinks EVERY REPUBLICAN IS HITLER

The Left is Pushing Hard Against Privacy Bills


Muslim Terrorist Has A Message For ALL Catholics And The Pope- Renounce The Faith And Convert To Islam Or Die

BREAKING: New Fast and Furious Info Connects Eric Holder To El Chapo

Group of Muslim Men Gang-Rape a 3-Year-old Girl and a 12-Year-old Girl in Afghanistan


History repeats itself: The destruction of Western civilization

Civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea collapsed under the weight of a massive migration of invaders known to historians as the Sea Peoples.

Only the Egyptians managed to survive, but their empire was irreversible damaged.

Civilization fell into a dark ages. The once highly civilized cultures forgot how to write. Innovations stalled and the massive structures that previously characterized the empires were no longer being built. 
The flourishing era of the Bronze Age (1400 to 1200 bc) had come to an abrupt end.

The migrants destroyed the empires by shear numbers.

Migrants taking advantage of Europe’s socialist-style healthcare threaten to collapse economy


Total failure of socialism on parade as Venezuela begins forced power grid blackouts that shut down the entire business sector… govt. calls it ‘holiday’