Liberal Host Family Discovers What Migrant Did To Their 7-Year-Old Daughter –

According to Swedish news outlet Avpixlat, 36-year-old Daniel Gebru, a migrant from Eritrea, took the couple’s 7-year-old daughter into the bathroom of their home and slit the child’s throat. The terrified girl suffered a gruesome death, but thanks to Sweden’s leftist judicial system, Gebru received a mere slap on the wrist.

Because Eritrea has legislation that prevents asylum seekers from being deported back to the country, Sweden is legally stuck with Gebru. Aside from most likely being allowed to remain in Sweden, the welfare recipient also dodged a murder charge and was only convicted of manslaughter.


Darmstadt, Germany: At least 18 Young German Women Sexually Assaulted by Gang of Pakistani Muslim Immigrants at Festival

It is not hyperbole to call Medicaid a disgrace at its annual cost of about $450 billion, and expanding it rather than helping poor people buy private insurance is simply inexplicable.” Scott Atlas


Louisiana Makes it a “Hate Crime” to Target Police Officers!

Hillary Clinton Naps: Often Confused, says Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton Naps: Often Confused, says Huma Abedin


“The conservative Heritage Foundation estimated unlawful immigrant households paid $39.2 billion in 2010, but received $93.7 billion in government services.” — Oliver Darcy


Open Borders Hypocrite Mark Zuckerberg Turns HIS HOUSE INTO A FORTRESS

The newspapers touted the reduction in the unemployment rate to 5.3 percent as a cause for celebration. Yet for every three Americans added to the working age population (16 and older), only around one new job (1.07) has been created under Obama. At this pace, America will soon officially have a zero unemployment rate. But that will only be because no one will be looking for work.” — Stephen Moore


School Board Bans Materials Casting Doubt On Climate Change

The Portland Public Schools Board of Portland, Oregon has unanimously passed a resolution to remove from classrooms any materials that "cast doubt" on whether manmade climate change is occurring. 

"We’re shaping young minds here – the last thing we need is conflicting material from a bunch of scientists," said Ms. Wilma Boyington Mason Roberts, board president.


It is time to hold radical ringleader George Soros to account for the growing civil unrest that he has helped to foment in this presidential election cycle and his efforts to shut down Donald Trump rallies using physical force and intimidation.

Soros, the billionaire speculator, is the preeminent funder of the activist Left in America, which means he is the Number One funder of the domestic terrorism that is part and parcel of the Left. image

Soros makes no secret of his contempt for leading GOP candidate Trump. In January he said "Donald Trump is doing the work of ISIS." Ideas like banning entry to the U.S. by Muslims might "convince the Muslim community that there is no alternative but terrorism."

Soros favors the decline of the U.S. and spends lavishly on activism to bring that collapse about. He has spent an estimated $7 billion or more on giving left-wing groups the resources to screw up the country.image

He has used his vast fortune to topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. He "broke" the British pound, was accused of wreaking havoc on the Malaysian ringgit, and was called an "economic war criminal" in Thailand. A French court convicted him of insider trading.

America is his current target.

Pope: Islam Teaching Of Conquest Same As Bible’s

Addressing fears of Islamic terrorism, Pope Francis said in a recent interview, "It is true that the idea of conquest is inherent in the soul of Islam. However, it is also possible to interpret the objective in Matthew’s Gospel, where Jesus sends his disciples to all nations, in terms of the same idea of conquest."

An ISIS spokesman applauded the pontiff’s statement and called on Muslims to show him mercy by "riddling him with bullets before cutting off his infidel head." 

Phyllis Schlafly: Diseases Cross Open Borders



Facebook is not just looking at user’s personal information, interests, and online habits but also to your private conversations, revealed a new report. According to NBC report, this may be the case as Kelli Burns, a professor at University of South Florida states, "I don’t think that people realize how much Facebook is tracking every move we’re making online. Anything that you’re doing on your phone, Facebook is watching." the professor said.

Later in the article Facebook appears to confirm that it does indeed use your microphone — which means it listens to and uploads the contents of speech and other sound around you when you are using the app.

Explain to me, if you would, why you’d ever allow such a device in your pocket?  Further, please explain to me exactly why you believe Facebook would only use this for "ad targeting"….. when there is literally nothing to prevent them from doing otherwise.

And finally, please explain why this is legal and Facebook and its officers are not under criminal indictment, particularly when you consider that people other than you may well speak within the listening range of your microphone, and while you may have given consent they did not and further, they had no idea they were being recorded!

“Muslims account for only about 1 percent of the U.S. population but account for about half of terrorist attacks since 9/11. That means Muslims in the United States are about 5,000 percent more likely to commit terrorist attacks than non-Muslims.”Mark Krikorian

Hundreds of thousands disfigured in Middle East by flesh-eating bug...
Spreading in refugee camps...
Fears could be carried to West...