Obama hires Muslim who praised 9/11 attacks – puts her on US Homeland Security committee!


You’ve never seen Obama this angry: President EXPLODES on Trump for saying ‘radical Islam’


Executive order signed by Bill Clinton legalized medical experimentation on military servicemen without their knowledge

The Clinton Foundation is back in the news. The Daily Caller reports they took in close to $18 million from foreign governments. While Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, under Obama.

Russian hackers break into DNC network; White House assigns blame to… (wait for it…)

imageThe White House reacted to reports that Russian hackers penetrated the Democratic National Committee’s computer network by complaining that Republicans have blocked additional money for funds to enhance the nation’s cybersecurity.

“This administration takes our nation’s cybersecurity quite seriously,” press secretary Josh Earnest said, referring to a proposal in the president’s budget that would increase resources to guard the nation against hacks of this nature.

What? No blame for the NRA? Maybe the White House is working on a statement.

Top ploys most Americans believe are smart health choices

Switching from red meat to white meat
"Wait, what? Are you kidding me?" No, we are not. Nearly all conventional meat sold inside the USA, whether red or white, contains hormones, antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, bleach, ammonia, food dyes, bacteria, parasites and pathogens (especially deli meats). Plus, meat is hard for the digestive tract to break down to get to the amino acids, which are all the body really desires for fulfilling those protein needs. There’s nothing the American meat industry hates more than those dang vegans and vegetarians who already know you don’t need meat to get the sufficient amount of daily protein.