Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine’s Islamist Ties

Bill Clinton’s Soviet Connection

  The implication is that the “someone” was the Soviet KGB. However, in retrospect, it appears that President Clinton became an ally of both Russia and Communist China. China pumped untold millions of dollars into his 1996 re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Attorney General Janet Reno refused to authorize an independent counsel investigation of that scandal.image

      Smith noted that questions have also been raised about Al Gore’s ties to Russia. Gore had family connections to the late Soviet agent Armand Hammer, whose father Julius laundered money to establish the first Soviet espionage networks in the United States. Armand Hammer helped make the Gore family rich. J. Michael Waller, a writer for Insight magazine, reported that some U.S. intelligence professionals have viewed with deepening concern the two generations of relations between the Hammers and the Gores. A retired CIA official told him, “Are you unwilling to ask the public if they want a president who owes his personal family wealth to a known Soviet agent?” We may get a chance to answer that question again.

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The Panama Papers:
The Clinton-Putin Connection

Among my first thoughts when the Panama papers scandal broke was “How soon until until this is tied to the Clintons?”

The answer seems to be about four days:image

The revelations of the so-called Panama Papers that are roiling the world’s political and financial elites this week include important facts about Team Clinton. This unprecedented trove of documents purloined from a shady Panama law firm that arranged tax havens, and perhaps money laundering, for the globe’s super-rich includes juicy insights into how Russia’s elite hides its ill-gotten wealth.

Almost lost among the many revelations is the fact that Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Though hardly a household name, this firm is well known inside the Beltway, not least because its CEO is Tony Podesta, one of the best-connected Democratic machers in the country.

John and Tony Podesta aren’t fooling anyone with this ruse. They are lobbyists for Vladimir Putin’s personal bank of choice, an arm of his Kremlin and its intelligence services. Since the brothers Podesta are presumably destined for very high-level White House jobs next January if the Democrats triumph in November at the polls, their relationship with Sberbank is something they—and Hillary Clinton—need to explain to the public.

So in summary: Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is a registered lobbyist for Vladimir Putin.


We’re getting to the point in the United States where you can’t even tell a cop to screw off and try to grab his gun, and not get shot.