Philippines' Duterte calls Obama 'son of a whore'...
Stay Out of Our Business...

Meeting cancelled...

President Obama wasn’t in the mood for more verbal abuse in China and canceled a meeting with the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

The two made headlines after Duterte called Obama a “son of whore” (loosly translated) and vowed to curse him out if the two were to meet face to face while both leaders attend a summit in Laos.

“You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Son of a whore, I will curse you in that forum,” Duterte told his local press.

Obama, clearly not pleased with the comment, responded by calling Duterte a “colorful guy” and later canceled the meeting.


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A U.S. Border Patrol agent told Fox News Channel that eight out of ten illegal immigrants who are captured at the border are initially set free into the United States.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has pledged to secure the border with Mexico by building a wall and increasing the numbers of Border Patrol agents assigned to protect the border. The members of the National Border Patrol Council  (NBPC) endorsed Trump’s candidacy earlier this year, Breitbart Texas reported, because of his commitment to secure the border and to listen to the rank and file agents who work along the border every day


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The 2016 election affords the American people an urgently needed opportunity to make a long-overdue course correction in our national security posture and policy. As retired senior leaders of America’s military, we believe that such a change can only be made by someone who has not been deeply involved with, and substantially responsible for, the hollowing out of our military and the burgeoning threats facing our country around the world. For this reason, we support Donald Trump’s candidacy to be our next Commander-in-Chief.

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