4Jwo7bS.jpgGo dancing! Study shows it prevents age-related decline better than traditional exercise

SCANDAL: Airport weather stations that record “global warming” temperatures sit directly in the exhaust paths of fiery hot jet engines

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Evidence is UNDENIABLE: Smart meters cause massive changes to the heart

CLAIM: Google deliberately slows YouTube videos on non-chrome browsers to make them appear defective


Leftists now want to ban company-owned cafeterias to FORCE employees to go out to local restaurants… all in the name of “fairness” of course

August 4 protests FALSE FLAG warning – a “perfect storm” for staged deaths to demonize conservative Americans With the elections such three months away, time is growing short for staged event operators to make their move. Sheer desperation is now driving the Democrats, who now believe that achieving election victory “by any means necessary” is fully justified. That’s why they’re willing to try anything.


Poor Americans Posing As Illegal Immigrants

EL PASO, Texas (World News Burea) – The U.S. Border Patrol reports apprehensions of poor American children and adults sneaking into the U.S. has skyrocketed with the recent non-stop airing of videos and photographs of ICE immigration facilities.

Experts say the efforts of left-wing media outlets to shame the Trump administration appears to be backfiring, as poor families in the United States see that illegal immigrants in ICE custody are living and eating significantly better than they are, prompting many to travel over the border so they can get caught sneaking back in while pretending to be foreigners.

“Compared to the hood, this place is the Fo’ Seasons, yo,” said one Baltimore teen pretending to be from Guatemala.

This isn’t the first time Americans have purposely entered the country pretending to be foreigners in order to obtain benefits not available at home.

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