Mathematician Catches Global Warming Paper Overstating Temp Rise by Up To 600%

Egypt: Christian sentenced to 3 years prison for Facebook post comparing Jesus with Muhammad


Border Patrol Snags More MS-13 Members, Convicted Sex Offenders Trying To Jump Border

MS-13 gang members, child sex offenders, arrested by US Border Patrol agents


Border agent ambushed and killed by ‘rock throwing’ illegal aliens at Texas-Mexico border

Is The Fed Actually Trying To Cause A Stock Market Crash?

Chicago Dems Get Caught Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud

Obama Was Hand-Picked, NOT a Natural Born Citizen, Congress Knew and Tried to Protect Him

Let’s kick a dead horse.

The debate is settled and the damage is done. But who thinks Obama was eligible to be president?

Even President Donald Trump questioned Obama’s citizenship in 2014 by offering $50 Million to see his college records, but Obama never responded to his offer. Nothing has been done to this point.

Cutting welfare to illegal aliens would pay for Trump’s wall

Report: Govt wasted $114 million​ studying quails on cocaine, daydreaming, Prince Harry opera, other projects

FREE RIDES ARE OVER! Trump Administration Drastically Changes The Rules For Collecting Welfare

The Government Lost Billions More Bailing Out GM Than The $5.7 Billion Request For Wall Funding

California Democrats Want to Give Medicaid to Illegal Immigrants