See the source imageRUSH: Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party care about one thing:  making sure that nobody like Donald Trump ever tries this again.

Un-frickin-believable: U.S. Military Serving as Chauffeurs, Babysitters for the Pelosi Kids: Receipts That Will Blow Your Mind

What hasn’t been revealed thus far is that military aircraft are being used to shuttle Pelosi’s kids and grandkids between DC and San Francisco time and time again, which appears to be a violation of the appropriate rules (see above). Put simply, the United States Air Force is serving as a multi-billion dollar chauffeur- and baby-sitting service for Nancy Pelosi’s kids and grandkids — presumably because commercial travel is beneath the families of the autocrats.

The cost for some flights: as much as $18,000 an hour.

In-flight food is never a problem… hundreds of pages of receipts for food and beverages were included in the FOIA documents.

That’s $32,165.50

In this case, domestic flights are operating at the discounted price of around $32,165.50 per hour — the Pelosi kids are kind enough, presumably, to reimburse the Air Force at around $400 a head.

You stupid little taxpayers: pick up the bar tab, dammit!

Trump Cancels Pelosi’s Trip Overseas Due To Govt. Shutdown


Explaining the difference between socialism and capitalism:


Illegal aliens murder 12 Americans daily

12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens,13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That’s 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001.

BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton ran weapons into Libya for the Obama administration, while Michael Flynn was targeted because he knew the detailsSee the source image

Shocking new details revealed last week by a former law enforcement official named Roscoe B. Davis allegedly implicate the Clinton Foundation as raking in millions of dollars running guns and other weapons into the Middle East.

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who once headed the Defense Intelligence Agency, was also allegedly targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Deep State because he knows all the details.


*UNEXPECTEDLY* — NYC Restaurants Cut Staff and Worker Hours Due to New $15 Minimum Wage

See the source imageRetired climate scientist-turned-skeptic says global warming narrative is completely bogus

“Very often, when I talk to the public or the media about global warming they ask me the unfortunate question if I ‘believe’ in global warming.”

“And I say ‘unfortunate’ because when we are dealing with a scientific problem ‘believing’ has no place. In science, we either prove or disprove. We ‘believe’ only when we cannot possibly prove a truth.”

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Google caught secretly recording conversations through your mobile device

The system was also found to switch the microphone on as users go about their usual activities day-in and day-out. Once the virtual assistant finishes recording, the system uploads the audio files to its computer servers often referred to as “the cloud.”

According to the report, these audio files can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as internet connection is available.

imageDemocrats Fighting To Protect 2,500 Illegal Aliens Locked Up For Molesting Kids In Texas

See the source image"In the last 7 years (in Texas), over 4,000 illegal aliens have been incarcerated for sexual assault. 62% of them are sexual assault against children." – John Jones, Chief of the Intelligence Counter-terrorism Division with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety



imageThe goal in government “is to do nothing,” say federal workers who are crying crocodile tears over a single missed paycheck