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There is a cancer in the House of Representatives and democrats have their hands full attempting to control it. I warned about this. Ilhan Omar reportedly married her brother and has an interesting history.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been missing from the Supreme Court for over a month and now we find out that the premiere news networks in the country have been told to keep any and all Intel related to Ginsburg’s health out of the news.

There have been NO reports about Ginsburg’s health in the mainstream media for over a week.

Trump Questions Whether Ginsburg Alive

WASHINGTON (Big Hairy News) – President Trump prompted a firestorm of criticism from both parties on Sunday after saying in an interview, "Look, we don’t really even know if she’s (Ginsburg) still alive. I mean, how do we know?"

Within hours, Ginsburg’s office posted a photo (below) of the octogenarian lawmaker, with the notation "Judge Ginsburg feeling stronger every day, hard at work at home preparing statements for upcoming decisions."

Ruth Ginsburg

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg working at home (DNC)