Congressman Jerry Nadler, in a statement, said, “Connect the dots, people. Robert Mueller found there was no Russian collusion and yet Trump did not obstruct his investigation. That means Trump just stood by and allowed the government to waste two years and 30-million dollars looking into something that he knew all along never happened. This is a completely irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars and we need to get to the bottom of why Trump allowed it to happen.”

Congressman Adam Schiff waved a sealed envelope in the air and said, “I have in my hand photographic evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that I continually lied by saying I had seen evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of Trump’s collusion. And yet, while Trump clearly knew I was lying, he did absolutely nothing to thwart my committee from squandering the people’s hard-earned dollars on an absurd witch-hunt. How could Trump even pretend I was sincere? Look at my face. The whole idea of me telling the truth is ridiculous.”

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