ICYMI: Video Resurfaces Of Shirtless Breadline Bernie and His Wife Singing Communist Anthem In USSR

The answer may be coming into focus as a damning video of Sanders and his wife has reemerged showing a vodka-sodden gathering in the USSR where the charming couple joined with locals to sing communist songs on their honeymoon.

The resurfaced video comes courtesy of a Democrat activist who posted it on her Twitter feed.

The astonishing footage was originally unveiled last year and after a brief flurry of stories in the mainstream media, vanished along with questions as to whether a closet commie would acceptable to hold the highest office in the land.


Rep. Ted Budd: Illegal immigrants shouldn’t get Social Security benefits

The bill would apply to those without work authorizations, and an illegal immigrant would not be eligible to collect any credits until they have gained legal authorization. This would create a clear incentive for illegal immigrants to stop using someone else’s number fraudulently and to instead obtain a work permit as quickly as possible so they would be able to begin paying into the system legally.



New York Requires Citizens to Obtain ‘Stargazing Permit’ To Admire the Stars in Public Parks

he state is charging residents $35 to become a fully-licensed stargazer allowed to view the stars between January and December of the year. If you are not lucky enough to be a New York resident and you are just visiting, you will have to fork over $60 for the privilege of admiring your favorite constellation in the night sky.

Trump Takes Out Another Top Terrorist In The Middle East

Trump Takes Out Another Top Terrorist In The Middle East

President Donald Trump appears to have added another name to the list of terrorists that his administration has killed as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) reportedly launched a drone strike that killed the leader of Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen.


Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, Jan 30, 2020

Nutritional Treatment of Coronavirus

by Andrew W. Saul, Editor

(OMNS January 30, 2020) Abundant clinical evidence confirms vitamin C’s powerful antiviral effect when used in sufficient quantity. Treating influenza with very large amounts of vitamin C is not a new idea at all. Frederick R. Klenner, MD, and Robert F. Cathcart, MD, successfully used this approach for decades. Frequent oral dosing with vitamin C sufficient to reach a daily bowel tolerance limit will work for most persons. Intravenous vitamin C is indicated for the most serious cases.

Bowel tolerance levels of vitamin C, taken as divided doses all throughout the day, are a clinically proven antiviral without equal. Vitamin C can be used alone or right along with medicines if one so chooses.

You and I can, to some extent, simulate a 24 hour IV of vitamin C by taking it by mouth very, very often. When I had pneumonia, it took 2,000 mg of vitamin C every six minutes, by the clock, to get me to saturation. My oral daily dose was over 100,000 mg. Fever, cough and other symptoms were reduced in hours; complete recovery took just a few days. That is performance at least as good as any pharmaceutical will give, and the vitamin is both safer and cheaper. Many physicians consider high doses of vitamin C to be so powerful an antiviral that it may be ranked as a functional immunization for a variety influenza strains. [1]


Vitamin C powders: https://www.amazon.com/vitamin-c-powder/s?k=vitamin+c+powder


Do You Know All Coronavirus Victims Appear To Be Chinese? Thought Not!

The Corona virus is a virus that, for whatever reason, East Asians are susceptible to but other races are not, just like SARS. None of our people are going to succumb to this condition. The MSM’s constant hyping is just a way of making people panic, because people are more susceptible to being indoctrinated when they panic. By not reporting the race of those who have caught this disease in Europe, unnecessary panic is being fomented among Europeans…so that they can be more easily inculcated with the message than “race differences don’t exist, because race is a social construct.”

But race differences do exist. Race is a biological reality. And these kinds of viruses help to prove that. 


TREASON: Shocking Court Testimony Accuses Rep. Ilhan Omar Of Selling Intelligence To Qatar

In case you wanted a non trackable browser

Tor browser

You may have heard of this browser from our articles on the dark web, but Tor itself isn’t seedy at all. Designed as an “encrypted browser,” Tor uses special coding to keep your browsing habits secret from prying eyes and advertisers.

Speaking of ads, Tor automatically runs a feature on every page it visits called “NoScript,” which disables things like ads, banners and autoplay videos from running on websites. This can cause many websites to not display properly, but it also decreases load time and memory usage significantly. This feature can be disabled if you don’t want it running.