Bronx parolee arrested for rape and beating said white victim ‘deserved it because us minorities have been through slavery’


Tulsa arena management accused of sabotaging Trump campaign event to keep attendance low

She specifically said – I’m looking at it right here – you tested positive – this is a follow up call to see how your symptoms are.”

The guy had never even taken a test.


Black Republican couple have good laugh after stumbling on all white BLM protest

I Don’t Want To Live In A World Where We Can’t Force Nuns To Kill Babies


‘This is not Seattle’: Oklahoma takes stand, hits rioters with terrorism charges


Normal Americans begin picking up rifles to engage left-wing terrorists


Associated Press will capitalize ‘Black’ but not ‘white’ because white people have less culture


It’s perfectly reasonable to be concerned about more social unrest.

It’s perfectly reasonable to take smart steps and get prepared.

It’s smart to figure out exactly what you will do if someone breaks into your home or attacks you or your family in public.

It’s smart to get legal and financial protection BEFORE you’re forced to use your gun in self-defense. 

Headhunter20 is not affiliated with the USCCA in any way … No compensation or anything like that …. just thought it was a good idea for people who choose to conceal carry to know about. take smart steps and get prepared.

City removes ‘Black Lives Matter’ street mural because of ‘MAGA 2020’ request