George Soros revealed to have funded DA’s who now oppose police in American cities

Residents in all 50 states have received packages of seeds, sent unsolicited from China. Many of the packages, mailed through the Chinese state-run postal system, were mislabeled as "jewelry" for U.S. Customs purposes.

"DO NOT plant them," officials in every state have warned.

"They could be invasive, meaning they may have the potential to introduce diseases to local plants, or could be harmful to livestock," the Montana Department of Agriculture noted in a statement on Monday, referring to the Chinese seeds. "Treat them like they are radioactive, like they are Kryptonite," said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller.

Trump administration officials now need to ask one question: Are the seeds a biological-warfare attack on the United States?


COVID-19 vs Tuberculosis – Not Even Close

Aside from the fact that almost all the data related to the Chinese Wuflu is tainted, even so, the disease still doesn’t compare to tuberculosis.

I am publishing this document for the eventual lawsuits over the Wuflu violations by government officials at all levels.

For all the businesses shut down over this “plandemic”, this article provides data you could use to sue. For parents forced to educate their own kids and not get paid, you too have ammunition for the lawsuits I anticipate will come. Because the government still propagates the lie, the ruse of the deadliness of Wuflu. In fact, all politicians promoting these lies know this virus is little more than a common cold.

The WHO published statistics on TB, and it does make you understand how insane people were to self-imprison, self-quarantine, allow government to scuttle their businesses and mandate wearing those stupid masks.


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Pelosi "shoveling money to her friends" with phony coronavirus "relief" bills, warns Ted Cruz


The Mask Panic, Is It Based on Science or Tyranny?

Are masks an effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19, or just another way to make you surrender to irrational medical tyranny and grease the wheel for mandatory vaccination? This is what the science clearly shows, based on the diameter of the virus itself.


San Francisco Giants Hire Kaepernick As Head Kneeling Coach

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—After a rocky kneeling performance during their exhibition game today, the San Francisco Giants hired NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick as the franchise’s head kneeling coach.

Kaepernick will teach players proper kneeling techniques and the best ways to protest America during the national anthem.

"Kaepernick brings a lot of experience in kneeling during the national anthem to the game, and he’ll be able to show all players the proper technique to protest America," said manager Gabe Kapler. "He’ll make a fine addition to this franchise."

"While he couldn’t quite cut it in the NFL, we really hope he makes a name for himself here in the MLB. That’s what usually happens when football players come over, anyway."

Lessons taught by Kaepernick will include these:

  • Preventing injury while kneeling
  • How to make sure you’re kneeling when the camera is on you
  • How to leverage your brave protest into multi-million-dollar endorsement deals
  • Funny parodies of the national anthem to sing during opening ceremonies
  • How to look solemn and serious even though you’re kinda a clown


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