The DS’s plan is to create chaos around the elections. If they can mandate mail-in ballots, they can shut down the counting process.  If they can shut down the counting process indefinitely, they can place an acting president in the White House and forcibly remove Trump from office.  This is why we must know who wins the night of elections.
If they place an acting president in position, will it be Nancy Pelosi? Obviously the DS is far left-leaning, so we know it won’t be Pence. We know Biden is not competent. Is this why The New York Times is reporting we should scrap the Presidential Debates? The DS is terrified of Biden’s mental issues being exposed. It’s unthinkable that the United States of America would not have a Presidential debate prior to an election, yet, the media’s narrative has begun!

Are you ok with an UNelected president being placed above the votes of the people?

Nancy Pelosi Brazenly Declares “Whether He Knows It Yet Or Not,” Trump Will Not Return To The White House


NEW JERSEY: Two of the four Democrats charged with Mail-In Voter fraud are Muslimsimage

Europe bans mail-in ballots over high risk of fraud

Massive Problems With Mail-In Ballots Across The Country Ahead Of Election

imageThe silent majority is everywhere. How do we know? American flags are flying proudly in our neighborhoods, on our cars, on business fronts. People are showing solidarity by flying their flags. It’s a beautiful sight to behold!



Barred from meeting in church, group of Christians gather instead at a local Walmart



According to a Senate report, the Obama administration handed Central American migrant children to the custody of human traffickers.  These so-called care givers did not have proper background checks. Due to facilities being over-crowded, the Department of Health and Services began placing children into the care of sponsors until their refugee status could be reviewed.  This was in 2016.  
What should be front page news, is barely being heard. Many of these children were sexually abused, starved or forced into slave labor. The agency placed 90,000 children into sponsor care between 2013 and 2015. There has been no follow-up so no one knows what became of the children. The agency didn’t keep track.  Why doesn’t the media care to report about trafficked children? Why don’t they tell the truth?


15967444497853811629648303880961From the “Who gives a F#%k file:

Michelle Obama reports that she is suffering from "low-grade depression" owing to coronavirus, racial strife, and Donald Trump.

Protesters Sue City Because It’s So Expensive to Attack Police

Just imagine being born in 1998 and envisioning yourself as a social justice revolutionary. You grew up in those horrific years of the obama administration, struggling with segregating your smartphones from your flat screens. Now you are finally weaned off your mother’s tit, out of her suburban basement and ready for war on racism…..only to find yourself yelling into the faces of black cops.


Schumer threatens to SUE to stop Trump from using Executive Order to give Americans RELIEF


Many of the people are going to hospitals to see if they are really crowded as the media says they are. The findings are they are mostly empty. Many nurses and staff were laid off, so now the hospitals cannot work at full capacity. When they say they are full, it’s simply because they are short-staffed.
Tom Fitton from Judicial Watch, tweeted the following, “We are told coronavirus is a public health emergency and yet emergency measures such as acting on acceptable observational studies and clinical observational support for Hydroxychloroquine to protect lives is forbidden?”  Let that sink in for a moment!
Once this fake pandemic is over with, and all is known that Fauci and others in government lied about the healing properties of HCQ, they’re going to be charged with murder! Class action lawsuits will go through the roof. Does he know this is coming?

Trump Voters Now Wearing Hydroxychloroquine Necklaces To Ward Off Dangerous Liberals

U.S.—Trump voters who say they are being increasingly targeted and harassed for supporting the president have turned to wearing hydroxychloroquine necklaces to ward off Liberals. 


The Truth About Slavery

Many got their vision of slavery from the book and miniseries Roots, by Alex Haley. When confronted with his lack of historical accuracy the author said, “I tried to give my people a myth to live by.” Think about that.

Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution, in his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, provides a great deal of depth and clarity about race and slavery.

Slavery’s salient points:

  • Slavery’s been part of every culture on every inhabited continent throughout history
  • Africans conquered other Africans, enslaved them, and sold them for profit
  • It existed in Western indigenous peoples for centuries before Columbus arrived
  • Considered a fact of life until 17th century Christians attacked its immorality

During the peak of the Atlantic slave trade, Africans retained more slaves for themselves than were sold to the West

Our Founders were born into a world they did not make. Inherited agricultural estates included slaves as property. Washington, Jefferson, and Madison detested the institution. Records of their writings and actions are clear on this. Washington freed his slaves upon the death of his wife. His will stipulated that those who were infirm or disabled were to be cared for by his estate.


President Trump says he wants $600 unemployment benefits to continueimage