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The World Health Organization Hired a PR Firm for COVID

The same PR firm the tobacco industry used in 1950 to carry on a 50-year successful strategy to have the public believe cigarettes were not addictive and didn’t cause disease has recently been hired to seek out these influencers to further their COVID-19 agenda.

Bond’s number is up: next 007 will be a black woman, played by Barack Obama

The final chapter for the plandemic is medical kidnapping and mass extermination

Mike Adams

The final chapter for the global plandemic is now beginning, with insane levels of tyrannical lockdowns, roadside checkpoints already in place, door-to-door contact tracing, the medical kidnapping of children and more.

Forced vaccines are right around the corner, and those who refuse to comply will be targeted by the government for relocation to labor camps / death camps while being separated from their children, who will become the property of the state.

Only President Trump stands against this nefarious, anti-human agenda, and he’s already working to bring down the globalists and anti-humanists who are trying to collapse society and mass murder billions of human beings.


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Another Fauci flip-flop? Top COVID doc now says ‘no reason’ for Americans to avoid in-person voting

Defining popular terms in the “new normal”

To fully understand and dissect the false narrative of “resurgence” spread by mainstream media, you first need to learn the terms below:

  • Spike – A sudden uptick in positive tests.
  • Tests – Diagnostic procedures that identify a disease.
  • Cases – Individual people who become ill from a disease.
  • Outbreak – When a lot of people in one place suddenly become sick.

Unfortunately, mainstream media distorted these definitions to achieve maximum compliance, all the while worrying that people will take a second look to discover the truth.

So is it true that there was a “sudden sharp uptick in positive tests?” Yes, but that’s because within two months, the country went from less than 25,000 tests per day to almost 600,000 tests per day. This then resulted in the enormous rise in positives in every state.

But remember, a case is when someone gets sick from a disease, which is not a positive test! These two terms are not synonymous like media pretends.

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