Trucking companies will stay out of cities where police have been defunded, leaving starving citizens to fend for themselves

The Democrat Left has exploited the very awful death of George Floyd in Minneapolis to push its plan to demonize, delegitimize, and eliminate as many police departments in urban centers and counties as possible, and they don’t care about the consequences.

If people have to die — and they will — no problem.

But the rising tides of violence that will ensue as police departments are ‘defunded’ and cops eliminated from the streets won’t be the only thing that kills Americans. Many are likely to starve to death as well, because the trucking companies that haul in food and supplies won’t be going into lawless cities.


missile attacks coming to America soon? Guillotines on display as Leftists burn American flags

Mike Adams

In an exclusive, heavily researched report, we’ve found that missile attacks may be coming to America soon. You may have heard about the live air-to-air missile discovered in Lakeland, Florida, but we uncovered a private "air support" contract company that owns 22 Mirage fighter jets which can fire that missile.

Guess where that company is located? Lakeland, Florida.


Doctor warns that COVID-19 vaccine could alter your DNA


Never has a virus been so oversold


Debt suicide: Democrats pushing for 3.4 trillion in new "stimulus" money to bail out failing Democrat-run states


Top Democrat Leaders Caught in Real Estate Scandal

Padding pockets is a common practice on the left. And you can bet this scandal goes all the way up the chain.

Have you ever wondered how Pelosi amassed so much wealth as a public servant? Let me clarify it for you. She steered billions, not just millions, but billions to a light rail project. And her husband just happened to be a major investor in the company.

Can we just rewind for a minute?! All the way back to 2016. Remember when Congress was buzzing with outcries for Donald Trump to liquidate his businesses? They insisted being President created a conflict of interest


NJ Election Invalidated Over Rampant Voter Fraud…Which I Was Told Doesn’t Happen in the US


“Phony Kamala” Took on a Chinese Name While Running for SF DA


July jobs report shows V shaped recovery continuing


“Anthony Fauci Put $500 Million Of Our Dollars Into That [COVID] Vaccine…He owns HALF the patent!”

As covid-1984 accelerates, Bill Gates blamed "freedom" for spread of the virus


Antifa was imported to America from Europe by the Obama-Biden administration to forge domestic terrorism alliance with BLM, new report alleges

NYC residents are buying body armor in record numbers as lawless Democrats defund police and protect violent criminals

Trump sets special Sunday presser to announce ‘major therapeutic breakthrough’ on COVID-19