Georgia officials warn judge of ‘grave consequences’ if they’re not allowed to wipe, reset

Situation Update, Dec. 5th – Operation Warp Speed is a CCP-engineered conspiracy to cause mass vaccine casualties across the United States military

To connect the dots on all this, consider the following:

  • China hacks the OPM database in 2014 – 2015, exfiltrated details personnel files on nearly every U.S. military person as well as federal employee.
  • The files contain details that can be easily used to blackmail or extort those individuals.
  • China uses students and other spies to approach targeted individuals and threaten them with extortion while offering financial incentives for cooperation.
  • In this way, China achieves strong control over key personnel in the DoD, FBI, DOJ and every other government agency. (How do you think Comey got compromised?)
  • China then builds the coronavirus, using money from Barack Obama’s NIH, funneled to China by Fauci, who was likely blackmailed by China years earlier.
  • China releases the coronavirus in 2019, knowing the virus would spread to the United States and have a devastating impact on the U.S. economy.
  • China pressures the WHO to make sure America keeps flights open from China, to ensure widespread virus penetration into the USA. China orders the left-wing media to call Trump a “racist” when he tries to block incoming flights from China.
  • The virus achieves its desired outcome when Democrats demand large-scale mail-in ballots for the Nov. 3rd election. Through this mechanism, they were able to easily pull off widespread election fraud to seemingly remove Trump from office (a key goal of communist China, which owns the Biden crime family and has extensive files on Hunter and Joe Biden, useful for extortion).
  • China knows that Trump will resist the coup and may use the military to defend the republic, so China devises a second plan to compromise key personnel at DoD who are involved in Operation Warp Speed.
  • China makes sure that decisions are made to accelerate vaccine deployment across the military itself, even helping to prioritize certain types of military personnel for the first wave of vaccines, such as cyber command personnel and missile submarine troops.
  • Through China’s influence, DoD personnel choose McKesson to help distribute the first vaccine, knowing that McKesson is already involved in the mass killing of military-aged males across America, via the opioid epidemic.
  • Pfizer is chosen for its vaccine because the mRNA platform causes the body to turn into a biological weapon against itself, resulting in hyperinflammatory events and, in some cases, severe injury and death (autoimmune reactions are often the cause).
  • China knows that the vaccines will be deployed at almost the exact time the US Supreme Court is due to rule on the outcome of US elections. With a pro-Trump ruling, the radical Left will erupt and attempt a kinetic coup against the United States government. At this very moment, however, U.S. troops will be weakened by the injuries, hospitalizations and deaths caused by the experimental vaccine. This will allow China to deploy its own troops with much less resistance.
  • Mark Esper, who was fired by Trump and replaced by Christopher Miller, was one of the key decision makers in this entire process. Esper is widely believed to be influenced by anti-American forces and is well known to be strongly opposed to Trump.
  • At the same time, China is of course running Big Tech and controlling the censorship algorithms that silence pro-America voices. China also controls nearly the entire U.S. media, including the NYT, WSJ, WashPost, CNN, etc., and in fact China has a documented record of openly paying these news organizations hundreds of millions of dollars to push pro-CCP propaganda.

Also remember that the first wave of vaccines will spread the pandemic, unleashing a “second wave” of lockdowns that will further destroy the U.S. economy.

Nearly all Democrats are controlled by China. From Sen. Feinstein, to Nancy Pelosi, to Gov. Newsom and countless others, all these people are on China’s payroll and function as spies and operatives for the CCP.

Trump’s battle against election fraud is really a battle against communist China, which also, it turns out, owns the Dominion Voting Systems machines that were used to rig the elections in the first place.

But Trump is mounting an epic strategic move to defeat the communist regime. He’s installing patriots all across the DoD, and he is preparing to invoke military authority to nullify this rigged election and initiate mass arrests of all the treasonous actors who colluded with communist China to commit acts of war against the United States.

This is the real war that’s taking place right now. And Trump has everything he needs to win it. He merely needs to initiate America’s full national security forces, and we believe he made the decision to do so long before this election even began.

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