Critical update – Calls grow for Insurrection Act, specops contacts warn of 10-day lockdown

Today I bring you an extremely detailed, well-researched and critical update, both in the form of an article and a 90-minute podcast Situation Update.

America is now operating under communist China (CCP) occupation, and calls are growing for Trump to declare the Insurrection Act and deploy troops across America’s cities.

SpecOps sources are telling us that a 10-day lockdown is imminent, during which Special Operations Forces are expected to wage domestic warfare against treasonous enemies who will be rounded up for military tribunals prosecutions.

The timeline for this action is not certain, but two windows appear to be coalescing. Window 1 is Dec. 18th – 24th. Window 2 is immediately after Jan. 6th.

Situation Update:

  • Increasing calls for Trump to invoke the Insurrection Act, coming from attorney Lin Wood, The Epoch Times, Gen. McInerney and many others.
  • Sidney Powell says clear evidence of foreign interference allows Trump to invoke his 2018 EO and seize all the assets of corporations and individuals who were complicit in the election rigging.
  • Gen. Flynn calls for Trump to invoke the 2018 Executive Order on foreign interference.
  • President Trump declares any swing state electoral votes cast today are cast under conditions of vote fraud.
  • Pennsylvania chooses alternate electors, putting election into contention until at least Jan. 6th.
  • Sources warn of coming “10-day lockdown” with window of likely action appearing to be Dec. 18th – 24th. The next window is right after Jan. 6th, if all other efforts fail.
  • CCP infiltration of Big Pharma, Big Tech, the legacy media, election voting machines, lawmakers, regulators, universities and more. We are living under enemy occupation.
  • Patriots growing restless, about to initiate their own action to defend the republic.
  • Trump must invoke the Insurrection Act, deploy the troops, and arrest the traitors.

Listen to the full podcast here, and read all the additional quotes and notes that follow:

  Oh my God!  just blew the lid off china infiltration into our govt. and businesses!

Watch Full Vid here:



My dust mask will defeat the virus (china covid 19) that escaped from a level 4 bio-hazard lab.


Also today: The CCP has successfully infiltrated the top vaccine manufacturers around the world, and we can now confirm that 123 CCP loyalists have been identified inside Pfizer, AstraZeneca and GlaxoSmithKline.

We believe this means the coronavirus vaccine has been weaponized as a communist biological weapon to cause harm and death to US soldiers and civilians. This weapon system is being deployed right now across America, with millions of doses to come soon.

Read the full story here, also critical.

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