‘Seen this movie before’: Georgia runoff follows familiar script of vote dumps and stopped counts

If Tuesday’s Senate runoff elections in Georgia looked familiar, that’s because they pretty much followed the same script that played out during the November election, down to late-night vote dumps and counting being stopped.

The end result was favorable to Democrats as control of the Senate will likely shift. Rev. Raphael Warnock, a radical-left candidate marred by domestic abuse allegations that the media all but ignored, has been declared the winner over Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler — by this same media.

  • GOP Candidate Loses 5,000 Votes During Live Broadcast…

  • …Loses Another 32,400 Votes

  • Bricks, Lumber and Propane Tanks Left Out on DC Streets Ahead of Wednesday’s Stop the Steal Protests (VIDEO)

    Directions To DC “Not Available" On Apple Maps As "Stop The Steal" Rally Approaches…

    Team of Georgia auditor gets SHOT AT in Atlanta as he looks into alleged fraud

    Trump Supporters Kicked Off Plane Headed To D.C…

    Lin Wood drops major bombshells: Entire world controlled by pedophile extortion and blackmail schemes, ensnaring top influencers like Justice Roberts

    Molecular Biologist Explains that SARS Vaccines Make Humans Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOS)

    So this is why there has been no vaccine for decades licensed for coronavirus, because you get this issue that the messenger RNAs starts expressing the virus.

    And then when it comes across the natural circulating coronavirus, it could be a month or a year, or 2 years down the road, that then the people get very, very ill very quickly with this cytokine storm.

    Most of the children who were given this RSV vaccine, which had the same issue. Most of the children experienced severe disease with infection, that led to a high frequency of hospitalizations.

    And 2 children out of 35 died.

    And the conclusion from this was that the disease was enhanced by the prior vaccination.

    This issue with that vaccine, making people more sick than ever. There is a higher chance for death, not because of the circulated virus, but because of the vaccination, weeks or months ahead.

    But when you inject it, this mRNA, why it’s so deadly, is that it now goes into your genes, and starts expressing. And it starts stimulating the immune response from inside your body, and you can’t get rid it because of the source of the viral protein. You now have become like a genetically modified organism.

    Here’s what’s going on today:

    • Sidney Powell confirms VP Pence has the sole power to choose which set of electors to honor.
    • A new strategy might be pursued by Pence: Announce he will resign from politics, then choose the electors for Trump, eliminating any conflict of interest that could be invoked if he stayed in office. Will he do this?
    • Giuliani vows to expose GA Gov. Brian Kemp, who should face arrest and prosecution.
    • Roger Stone and Wayne Allen Root both say Trump has something up his sleeve… sound like Trump. He always has a plan to WIN.
    • Dan Scavino posts “GAME ON” meme, with Pence in the doorway between darkness and light.
    • US district judge dismisses Gohmert’s lawsuit for lack of standing, revealing that NO court in America will hear any case on election fraud. This apparently means that any party can commit unlimited fraud from here forward, and no court will intervene.
    • Possible strategy: Pence could call for an evidentiary hearing on Jan 6th, which could last several days and force Congress and the public to see all the evidence that Big Tech and the fake news media has been covering up.
    • On Jan 6th, any member of Congress who votes for the Biden slate of fraudulent electors is admitting to complicity in treason and may face arrest and prosecution.
    • Lin Wood goes off on Mike Pence, claiming Pence is a traitor who might be arrested in the next few days, then adding that Pence should be prosecuted and executed for treason. We wonder where Wood is coming from on this… does he know something that we don’t? Or did someone else hack his account and post this?
    • New list of traitorous US political leaders revealed by The National Pulse: These people took money, trips, dinners or “cultural” propaganda freebies from the CCP. Huge list of members of Congress and state lawmakers and bureaucrats.
    • Patrick Byrne teases another big bombshell of runaway criminality by election fraudsters in Georgia.
    • Georgia Governor and Sec. of State order the mass destruction of fake ballots, trying to destroy evidence as quickly as possible before they both get arrested and prosecuted.
    • Reminder to all listeners to make lists of all the traitors because they will all try to delete their online histories and hide once the Trump victory become apparent.
    • Why every Big Tech company CEO should be arrested and charged with treason. They are still censoring and won’t stop until the government forces them to stop.
    • 2021 predictions from James Howard Kunstler with additional comments about what’s coming in 2021.
    • Antifa vandalizes Pelosi’s home, proving the Dems have created an uncontrollable monster that will sooner or later need to be dealt with by the United States Marine Corps.
    • California working to pass a law to fine people $1,000 for posting any content that disagrees with the left-wing “fact checkers,” who are of course complete liars.