What? Joe Biden’s not at the White House? Who knew?

This is the Lin Wood who just stated, "Nothing can stop what is coming."

We don’t know exactly what’s coming, or when, or what it will look like, but it will be epic.

CABLES; Docu. Being filmed
The Empty White House
Lin Wood posts photos & story of Empty white house & does a walk through & photo shoot
April 28 morning

/Hours before the White House 5 pm incident..

☺ what’s happening Joe???
Where MSM@

_Stage set

MAY-day BOOM image


Also at the Capitol last evening (Washington, DC) we have reports and video of a large contingent of police, sirens, buses, blockades, troops, etc.

See videos on Telegram.

More here as they mention NBC, CNN, etc.


more details here

as to the magnitude of this.

The recent similar reports from last week led to confirmation that over 100 people had been arrested at the Federal Reserve for attempting to print money so I’m eager to hear the outcome of this operation.

Purchase Orders Show FDA Bought “Fresh” Livers of Viable Babies Killed in Abortions


Leading Vaccine Researcher Tells You What’s In The Covid Vaccine & Why It’s A Lethal Murder Weapon! – Must Video

This video is for all the Disbelievers in the supposed Conspiracy Theory that they’re out to Depopulate the world. Bill Gates and his Cronies will be hanged when this is all over and done with. The Truth always comes out in the end. Dr. Christiane Northrup tells us how this is being done and why she says the Vaccine is nothing but a murder weapon!



Stanford Student Government Candidate: ‘White People Need To Be Eradicated’


US Sells Treasury Bills At 0% For The First Time Since The Covid Crash


US reveals suspected energy weapon attacks near Trump White House in 2020: Report


Biden: Amnesty and Citizenship for ISIS “Freedom Fighters”

At a Tuesday evening conference with his transition team and incoming staffers, President-elect Joe Biden floated the idea of granting amnesty and American citizenship to the 40 ISIS insurgents currently housed at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta, a maximum-security disciplinary block created to hold the world’s most notorious terrorists, many of whom have been at GITMO since 9/11.

Biden’s plan to Americanize radical jihadis included fast-track citizenship, free college tuition, free housing, prepaid debit cards, absolution for crimes committed in Allah’s name, and other perks. If those weren’t enough, he suggested holding a candlelight vigil for fallen ISIS “freedom fighters” at the White House Rose Garden.