OUTRAGEOUS: Mainstream doctors are REFUSING to see or treat vaccine-damaged patients because they don’t want to get involved in “controversial” diagnoses

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Anthony Fauci and even Donald Trump all say that Wuhan Flu shots are safe and effective, even though tens of thousands are dying or becoming permanently injured from them. Because of this, physicians are too afraid, in many cases, to help their vaccine-injured patients for fear of getting “canceled” by the medical establishment.

In some cases, doctors are even going so far as to blame the vaccine injured as if they caused themselves to become sick. They are calling this a “conversion disorder diagnosis” because they do not know what else to call it without being dubbed a “conspiracy theorist.”

Here’s a thought:


Connecticut Publishes Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: Deadly Poison “SM-102 – Not for Human or Veterinary Use”

According to the manufacturer, Cayman Chemical Company in their filing with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this chemical causes “Acute Toxicity “Fatal in contact with skin.”

In that same OSHA filing, the manufacturer declares SM-102 “Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.”

This appears to be what they are injecting into YOUR arm when you take the Moderna COVID Vax.  You are APPARENTLY being POISONED!

Yet Health departments all over this country are running TV and Radio ads telling the general public this vaccine is “safe.”  That seems to be FALSE ADVERTISING.

The full information release from the Connecticut Department of health, listing the ingredients, can be downloaded directly from the Connecticut State Government web site HERE   (Archived HERE)

The full Material Data Safety Sheet on Chemical “SM-102” can be downloaded from the Cayman Chemical Company web site HERE   (Archived HERE)

Now that this information is out, YOU may wish to carefully re-think whether or not you want someone injecting this into YOU.

For those who made the decision to get this vaccine, you may want to get in touch with a good personal injury lawyer and present this information to that attorney.

Pharmaceutical Companies are required to put an INSERT into their products that list ingredients and all known side effect.   But as the images below will show, those inserts boxed with the “vaccines” . . . .  ARE BLANK!


How to Protect Yourself from Vaccinated People

During these months and years of the Covid-19 pandemic, India has fared among the best with few deaths. This has been attributed to the liberal use of HCQ, which blunts the infection so that herd immunity can be established. Last December, 2020 an HCQ production plant was blown up in Taiwan. Now India, which has a massive population and is destined to sink below the waves, is being afflicted by a new “mutant” of Covid-19.
What makes India’s situation different is that the current crisis is not caused by a naturally occurring Covid-19 variant, but a new variant that is resistant to HCQ. This new variant has been genetically engineered and deliberately spread to block emigration from India.
This was anticipated to occur in January, 2021 so the elite had time to prepare. Where Covid-19 is presumed by many to be an engineered pandemic, it was as we stated a natural occurrence. But the conspiracy theorists are correct that directed pandemics were being planned, with the tools at hand.

Zeta Newsletter as of May 23, 2021


Still Believe People Are Thinking For Themselves?

We live in a society of influencers, and the one’s who are able to get hundreds of millions of people on the same page about masks, social distancing and lockdowns are the greatest influencers of all time. They know how the mind works, and use this knowledge against you.

This is how so many people can find themselves suddenly believing that the human immune system is worthless against a disease with a 99.9+% survival rate, and that the only way to be healthy is to inject ourselves with experimental DNA altering pharmaceuticals. It’s Backwardsville.

What’s their secret?

Simple. Exploit the subconscious mind by inserting endlessly repetitive messages into our environment all around us, so that when a decision needs to be made, the choice is already familiar and clear, because we’ve already seen the answers all over our environment, while competing information is being banned and censored from view.


Healing Herbs You Can Smoke

You can smoke most herbs as is, once they’re dried. However, most people prefer to create a blend of herbs to get the most out of them. In some cases, herbs won’t release certain healing properties until they’re burned, so this may be the best way to use some of them.